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Home Page

About Me

About This Website


Natural Health

Happy And Healthy

The Many Benefits

Of Pumpkin Seed Oil

(More Coming)


Food Secrets

Wheat INFO And Options

Pages On Internet

Einkorne - Ancient Grain Benefits

Guide To Freezing Times

Crisper Drawer Use Right Way

Avoid Produce Mistakes

Choosing Watermelon

Avocado Secrets

Cilantro Yes Or No?

Baking Success With Eggs

Judging Egg Carton Dates


Back To Nature

Pages On Internet

Einkorn Superior Ancient Grain

Ancient Grains Shop Online

Quinoa Facts And Benefits

Amaranth Gluten-Free Grain

Coconut Oil Evidence-Based

Grass-Fed Butter True Facts

Living Cultured Foods

Proven Benefits of Olive Oil

Eggs Vital For Our Health

Avocado Oil Evidence-Based

Wonders Of Millet


Natural Remedies

From Pinterest 

Natural Verses Medical

Some Pain Solutions!

Headaches - Migraine - Neck Aches

Pages On Internet

What Can Cause Low Back Pain?

On Webpages

Relief From Plantar Fasciitis

Real Solutions For Pain Books


New Devices & Therapies

Pages On Internet

See BackJoy Device

Shiatsu Neck Massager

Posture Corrector Back Stretcher

Breakthrough Therapy For Pain

Light Therapy Device | Australia

Light Therapy International

Posture Corrector Lumbar Support

A Simple Comfortable Posture Corrector


Tasty Recipes!

Copy Me That Recipes

My Yummly Recipes

Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Measurement Conversions

On Videos

Carving Fruits and Veggies

Food Art Decorations

Food Prep - Food Keeping

From Pinterest

Healthy Tasty Salads

Healthy Drinks and Dessert Snacks

Healthy Lunches Etc

Sauces Dips Spreads

Sushi - Samosa Etc

Dairy OR Gluten Free

Healthy Spicy Dishes

Flatbreads and Wraps

Tasty Vegan Meals

Soups and Chowders

Some Creative Meals

Yummy Vegetarian

Dairy Foods And Alternatives

Salads Are Healthy

VEGAN Mayo Sauce Salsa Cheeses Dips

Kimchi -- Kombucha -- Fermented Treats


Lift Your Mood

Happiness - What Really Works

Developing Better Thought Patterns

From Pinterest

Remedies For Anxiety And Depression

In Touch With Nature

Some Happy Things To Think About

Janet's Poems

Wisdom With Friends

Freedom From Stressful Friends

On Video

Relating With People

Signs Of Toxic People


Family Life

By Janet

Naming and Growing Children - Early Years

Best Names For Girls

Best Names For Boys

From Pinterest

Being Good Parents - Special Tips!

Mothers and Babies Toddlers Infants

Happy Healthy Foods For Kids!

Lets Help Kids Enjoy Being Kids!

Lets Be Kind To God's Creatures - Creative

Happy Little Garden Ventures!

Happy Things To Think About

Walking and Sunshine and Nature!

Help To Make Happier Families


Beauty Of Creation

From Pinterest

Beauty and Grace

Wonderful Beauty Of Creation

Cute Pictures From A Loving Creator

Birds Butterflies Small Creatures

Lakes Ponds Rivers - Waterfalls

Creatures In Creation

Beautiful Places - Scenic Views!

Interesting Places

Sunrise - Sunset - Sunshine Etc

God is Love - So Cute!

Simply For Pleasure

Adorable Creatures!

Beach Ocean Wonders

Sunny Australia!



From Pinterest

Beautiful Pictures - Really Nice!

Greetings and Inspirations!

Janets Page

Personal Christian Views - Simply Jesus!


Leisure/Nature Videos

Garden Ventures

Nature Lovers Videos

Beauty in Gardens and Nature Videos

Nature Is Fun Videos

More Cute Nature Videos

Beautiful Places

Some Extra Cute Videos

Fun Nature Links


Happy Gardening

From Pinterest

Home - Garden Ideas

Happy Little Ventures

Helpful - Interesting

Nutritious Gardening

Growing In Pots

Growing Berries

Veggies ~Herbs in Pots

Tips For Beginners

Attracting Butterflies And Bees

Tomatoes - Eggplants

Growing Berries Yum!


Pinterest Health Info

Natural Health Care

Herbs ~ Spices ~ Salad

Natural Folk Remedies

Nuts Seeds Spices Teas

Brain And Memory - Nerve Cells

Therapeutic Sweets -- And Drinks

Optimum Health


Health Alerts

Pages On Internet

Green Tea Benefits And Side Effects

Arsenic in Rice Concerns

Rice Concerns - Good Options

Sugar Is Not Natural

Dangerous Food Additives To Avoid!


Lets Be Healthy Videos

Interesting Health Videos

Healthy Weight Reduction

Health Facts And Fallacies

Healthy Skin-Care Hair-Care

Optimum Health Secrets

Healthy Brain - Nerves


Recipe Videos

Healthy Baking Recipes

Vegan And Vegetarian

International Specialties


Special Webpages!

Wonderfully Made





Janet's Poems

Nature Poems

A Clear Day

Birds at Night

Nature at Sunrise

Sweet little Bird

Autumn Night

Morning in Spring

Summer Breeze

Summer Rain


Happier and Healthier

To Brighten Our Thoughts

Choose Life Over Sedentary


Nostalgia & Longevity

Carefree Days of my Youth

Friends Reflections

Hi, Baby Boomers!

Fanciful Longevity

My Granny

My Grandad


Sense Of Humor

On The Moon?

The Indispensable Man

Humorous Sayings


To Brighten Your Thoughts


Just As You Are

Promise Yourself

Brighten Your Corner

A Cheerful Heart


Friendships Are Special

Treasured Friendship

True Friendship

True Qualities in Friendship

Healthy Friendships

A Better Friendship

Choose Wisely

Friends and True Friends

Cherished Friend

Happy Birthday Friend

Great Friends


Choosing Friends Wisely

Be Fair - Be Wise

Choose Company Wisely

Choose Wisely Your Friends


Life And Jesus Poems

Happiness for Today

Living with Jesus

Perfect Liberty

You’ve Won Me Jesus

Find True Freedom

Words of Wisdom

The Process of Faith

Feelings and Faith

Dear Jesus

Victory Poem

Equip Yourself Each Day


Poems by Others

Helen Steiner Rice

The Gift of Friendship

Everyone Needs Someone

Heart Gifts

Friendships Flower

What Is Love

His Likeness Shines Forth

The Blessings in Sharing

Haven Of The Heart

God Loves and Understands

In His Footsteps

My God Is No Stranger

God is My Friend

Finding Faith in a Flower


Poems By Lady 98!

To My Treasured Friend

Happy Birthday, Daughter

Seeds Of Wisdom

Keeping A Cheerful Attitude In Public

Over 50s Sayings


MP3 Songs and Music


Nature With Music

Dan Gibson

Morning Dew

Spring Awakening

Woodland Charm

A breath of Spring

The Fawn

Clean and Clear

Flowing Hope

Relaxing Serenade

When Day is Done

Twilight Fades


ABC Orchestra


Dawns First Embrace

Dolphins Dreams

Autumn Near

Moment In Time

Night Gently Waits

Sleep Baby Sleep



Michail Rojchenko

Brand New Day

Happiness 1

Spring Wind

Happiness 2

April Forest


Christian Music

Julie McMinn

Love Is

Come Unto Me

Moment by Moment

Perfect Peace

Thank You

The Rock


Simply Beautiful

All My Days

Draw Me Away

Everlasting Arms

God Of Kindness

Love Covers

Simply Beautiful

Still With Me


Highlights From

Leisure/Nature Videos


Springtime on the mountains.

A Panoramic Celebration!

Mountains flowers.

Have Never Seen So Many!

Celebrating Life Itself.

Celebrating Romance with Nature.

Sweeping Views of Flowers and Ocean.

Magnificent Colors of Wisteria.

Absolutely Exquisite Beauty!




Funny Duckling Compilation.

Peacock Being Fed Like Pigeons.

Baby Ducks In My Pool! First Day Of Life.

Nature Lover Feeding Her Lorrikeets.

Indian Parrot Splashing In A Bath.

My Indian Parrot Dancing And More.

Maggies And Kookaburras Together.

Kookaburra Laughing In My Yard.

Australian Magpies Love To Sing.

Peacock Dance – Really Beautiful.

Birds-of-Paradise Wonderfully Created.

Black Swan Nesting – So Beautiful.

Gorgeous Fairy Penguins!

Breathtaking Exotic Hummingbirds.

Amazing Hummingbirds.



How weaver birds make wonderful nests.

Green Parrots In Pakistan.

The Moment Of Leaving The Nest.

New Born, Baby Sea Turtles Race to the Ocean!

Puppy thinks she's a Baby Goat.

Polar Bear Love – Absolutely Gorgeous.

Cows Like Guitar Music.

Hands on Harps Concert to Cows.



Three Gorgeous Koala Joeys.

Koala Spotting – Mother and Baby Koala.

Joey Learning To Be A Kangaroo.

Mother Kangaroo And Her Jumpy Joey.

Baby Deer Following Me.

Family Of Deer Playing In A Pool.

Bear Cubs Playing.

Doe With Fawn And Squirrel.

Baby Koala Climbs Up And Cuddles.

Who Loves The Hummingbirds?

Rainbow Lorikeets Bathing.




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Beautiful Sunshine – What a Blessing

Treasures In Contentment

How we See Ourselves is So Important

More About Contentment

Blessings of Laughter

Healthy Interests - Lost For Ideas?

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