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Music Audio MP3s

As you will see in the MP3 Menu above, I have 

3 classifications of Music on this website.

They are Nature With Music, Instrumental Music

and some Christian Songs for those who enjoy.

My ear for music lends itself to Light Instrumental and

Light Orchestral in my early years, really Nice Christian

Songs and Music for many years and Beautiful Nature

Type Music with pretty bird songs and Rippling water

in with the music (here and there, not overdone).

In recent years, I've been blessed to find some very gifted 

Composer Pianists who have a really nice light touch

on the keyboard - sometimes trilly or delicate.

I do find each of these classifications of Music and Songs

suitable for Light Meditations as I much prefer

natural type meditation to Zen or Medical.

This may be helpful for anyone who finds those

far too serious or complicated.

Many people say they find them too involved

and ended up getting confused in the process.

Friends, we do not need medical instructions

or a degree in Eastern Meditation to find

restfulness - just keep things Simple, this will

work out better for you.

Really Nice Music Is So Enjoyable, hey?

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