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Janets Poems

Inspirational and Nature 

You may know me from Inspirations For You - My first Poetic Website

with 60-80 pages of poems, beautiful pictures, quotes and sayings

I commenced in 2012. I've been busy making multiple websites since

then but still write Poems occasionally. The ones I wrote in 2012-2014

are very similar to Helen Steiner Rice's poems. I will place some

here in the pages of this Menu for you along with Poems from

other authors. I always like to select nice poems that are happy

or peaceful, beautiful or meaningful.


You Will Find:

I have placed recent poems in this Menu

with several verses each I wrote in 2018 - 2019.

My web hosts and friends love them!

There are 16 Pages of Poems or Sayings on this Website.

They are in these Menus:

Poems And Sayings

God's Little Creatures

Happier and Healthier

Nature Lovers Poems

Helen Steiner Rice Poems (1)

Friendships Are Special

Poems To Brighten Your Thoughts

Choosing Friends Wisely

Nature And Creation Poems

Encouraging Poems

Life and Jesus Poems

Over 50s

Sense Of Humor

Over 50s Sayings

Nostalgia & Longevity

Helen Steiner Rice Sayings (2)

Helen Steiner Rice Poems...

Poems By Lady 98!

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