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For My Friends

To My Very Good Friends Overseas.

This Web-Menu Is For You!

Now I Have These Password Protected Pages For You

As A Way To Keep In Touch. At Present, I Am Setting This Up.

Very Soon There Will Be More Content On Them.

We Will No Longer Be Separated By The Miles Or Circumstance.

Introducing This Menu


Interactive Friends

This is where we can share sayings and simple inspiring words

which are special to you and to me. They will be shown here!

Flickr Friends

This is the new membership I made with Flickr.Com (Photo Sharing Website)

I mentioned to you recently, so I can share some photos of places

some of you requested to see.  When you're on the Flickr For Friends page, you will see

beautiful photos I have saved to FAVES on their website. To see our pictures,

click on Photostream or Albums. I am uploading photos presently for you.


Friends Fortnightly Challenge

I have known or sometime you like to take part in monthly projects

and challenges at different times and many of you are into Natural Health.

Having an Avid Interest in that area, I can give you some things to try.


Difference To Our Day

Because my Research lends itself to various interests, I can share

some Special INFO you can enjoy trying, hey?

They're Good!

Inspirational Verses

Some special reading just for you, to encourage and strengthen

you through these times. I know you like some inspirations!


Keep In Touch!

I have now arrangements for you to Contact Me

via this page. 

This is also how you can share some sayings and inspiring words

for the Interactive Friends page - I can place them there for you.

They don't have to be fancy like some of mine:)




PS  I can place a few photos of us on a page in this menu soon.

 I have secured a password for that. I will also include some pictures of

my garden and craft cards interest for you and the area I live.



Lots of Love from Janet and Jesus!

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