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Choosing Friends Wisely


Making The Right Friends Can Make A Lot Of Difference In Life. Let's Look At Some

Things To Avoid When Making Friendships Or Keeping New Ones.

It Can Be A Healthy Practice Not To Think Of A Friend As Permanent Before We Know Them Well

And The Same With Commitments Because People Usually Show Their Best Side First.

Choose Company Wisely

Some friendships are a drag

They make your spirit sag.

They share their problems time after time

Even when the weather’s fine.

When you’re joyful they’re not

They just don’t stop

Sharing complaint after complaint

And in those problems remain.

If they don’t want to change their tune

And insist on making you blue.

They’re not ready for company

At-least not yours or mine.

Be Free.

Janet Vargas © March 2020

Choose Wisely Your Friends

Some friends seek to play a dominant role

this is not beneficial to our soul

'Cause it makes us feel less than whole

when things are building up to a toll.

A toll on us spiritually and also naturally

Yes it isn't healthy for we must feel free.

Free to be ourselves. not kept on a shelf

Look after your health, your wishes should be upheld.

A friend for life is one without strife

When you choose to confide, let your choice be wise.

Others want you to play a counsellor's role

this can really build up to a toll

They don't want your advice

they want to suffice

by getting you down and you wear a frown.

(instead of them, so to speak)

Yes freedom with friends is what I will choose

friendships are not for feeling blue.

This could be the beginning of something new

some make poor choices, why should this be you?

Janet Vargas © 2018

Be Fair - Be Wise

In Friendship there's both happy and sad

some make me more often sad than glad.

When they expect me to take their problems on

in addition to my own.

It's really unfair, I do declare

God alone has shoulders for theirs and mine.

There's no more energy for endless confiding

I wish to be in peace residing.

It's a matter of preservation

I'm now in resignation

from so many things that made me sad

so make my spirit glad.

Those who wish to be Friends

my Friendship I lend

to those who are fair and wise.

Janet Vargas © March 2020

Learn To Assess Your Friendships

A Good Friendship Goes Two-Ways Not One-Way.

A Good Friendship Is Healthy And Balanced.

A Good Friendship Is Founded Or Maintained On Mutual Respect.

Good Friends Don’t Place Expectations On You.

Good Friends Know Your Comfort Zone.

Good Friends Show Consistent Communications.


A Good Friend Will Appreciate You For Your Worth

Happy To See You And Hear From You!

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