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Making Homemade Yogurt And Kefir


 Good Alternatives To Commercial Yogurts And Kombucha

There's nothing like making your own healthy delicious Yogurts and Kefirs

With NO Sugar OR Artificial Sweeteners Added OR Emulsifiers OR Preservatives OR Coloring.

They are detrimental to your Health AND your Children's over time. You have to think of the Cumulative Affect.

That's what a lot of people are not thinking of. Besides, all those Additives counteract the good therapeutic properties in store-bought yogurts and kefirs. They cancel out the Healthy Cultures in them and so does the amount of time they are allowed to sit on the shelves. Have you ever noticed how long those 'Use By Dates' are? Most manufacturers are only concerned about how long their products 'KEEP' so they make More Sales. They also have all manner of Marketing Ploys on their labels to entice you to buy their products. Have you ever noticed how they will say their product has "No This, No That" on the front of their label but there is "This, That or That" on the back of the label - in very small print?

That's what I refer to as Chemical Politics (deliberate dishonesty) and they're making so many people Sick with

this Masquerade that is allowed to go on uncorrected. So the best thing we can do is Correct this in Our Buying.

YES! And Make Our Own - Give them Notice, they deserve it!!!

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