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Naming and Growing Children

Naming Children is So Important because most times, they have these Names for Life.

Every name has a meaning that is being spoken when we call someone by that name.

Some of us are happy with our names, some are not.

 Nicknames can come in handy when we would rather have a different name. For some people, a change of name becomes

necessary when we are really unhappy with our name.

There are some really odd names being used these days like "Car" for boys and "Atlas" for girls.

Seriously, would you like one of those for a name?

Some parents choose names like "Beverly" for a boy or "Charlee" for a girl. And some websites encourage parents to

super-impose a personality or a career on a child through choice of names?

Do you think that is fair to our children who have a personality of their own - almost from birth? And how would we have liked our parents to choose our interests? Especially for life - they may not be suited for that career.

I actually know someone who is determined to make her son a Surgeon. His interests and skills are in Engineering and Computing. Hence, she is trying to map out frustration for him through school subjects to her end. I am really concerned for this nice young teenager. Yes, and I find this kind of thing offensive.

You know something? Decisions we make for our children can influence and/or shape their mood levels for weeks, months or years. I really do think we should step back and think objectively first

before making decisions with or for our kids, do you?

They would really appreciate this I'm sure. At least when they grow up. Many of you who want the best for your kids will agree with this_ our children are not meant to be an extension of our personalities and interests……our dreams or ambitions……our frustrations……our insecurities……

our reactions to life……and they are not responsible for our fulfillment in life.

Just some food for thought.

 Please think of this as an endeavor to make your lives happier - yours and your children's - believe me.

 Please consider these things.

Words of Wisdom

If we make mistakes with a 3 course meal when

entertaining important guests - it's embarrassing but it will pass.

If we make a mistake when we buy a car - it's disappointing

however we can get another one.

If we make a mistake when buying a house - that is more

serious and can be devastating.

How much more serious can our mistakes be

in our children's lives?

If we do our best we have less to regret.

Sometimes it is good to look from the outside in

because we all develop mindsets.

Let's make sure they are 'healthy ones'

it is good to make reviews occasionally.

That way we grow as parents.

All the best to each one of you!

Comments From A Reader

I am interested in this. I share a similar view to you. I see a lot of wisdom on this page - it is direct and helpful.

I have acquaintances who have not let me know their real names because they say they are weird.

I agree that we do have to be careful and I think this is perfect - you've covered everything.

I enjoyed reading it and shall pass it on. My friends would like to read this.   Kimani

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