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My Personal Christian Views 

 Simply Jesus!

Relating Christianity to People TODAY.

The world has so many church buildings with church programs and such_ people are invited and expected to come to them....and in the main, this has achieved very little. Our seeming religious acts and sometimes graces, have very little or no relevance to a lost and aching community, seeking for answers; craving for real love; searching for happiness but it does not last. Many look like they have it all "together" but their personal lives tell a different story.

This is where LOVE, JOY and PEACE comes in - presenting God's Nature through 'intelligible' ways in the community, the market place and the world. Jesus wants to go out to them today - that was always His Way. He never instructed them to go to a church (meeting place or building). The Apostles never actually did that (believe it or not) because the Christians of that day actually met together in houses - consisting of family, friends and fellow believers.

In Rom 16:5,14 1 Cor 16:19 Col 4:15 we see this and in Acts 2:46-47 (bible verses) things were starting 

to go this way. The Apostles taught them in the Temple for a time because there was not any Bible yet........

but notice the spread and practice of Christian Living actually took place in the was Family and Community? 

This is what takes place in many Non-Western countries who hear the Gospel.......

and their Christian Walk is actually stronger than ours - because it's healthier - I've heard this so many times!

Having said these things, true Christians have in their hearts and minds, revelation when it comes to the words of Jesus and the bible through His Spirit living on the inside of them and many have found this experience in Gospel and Praise services.

So I am not saying it can't be a good thing but that we don't need all the rules and structure

that accompanies most.

I am saying that when we experience Jesus, we find answers to life and life situations

- that is sought by so many - and a personal relationship with Him through His indwelling Spirit.

So I am not saying to make the churches modern with Social Gospel and Entertainment

like people have in the world, NO

People are wanting to discover Freedom and Wholeness in their Families

(because so many pressures in the world are affecting them)

and REAL Friendships in a World bound by TECH.


When Christians become Wise and Replace the Constantine Model

with the Early Christians Model. That's the only way to Let Jesus Free

to do those things He wants to do!

Until then, let's do this on an Individual Basis, hey?

JESUS In Our Homes And Friendships. YES!

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