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Nature Is Fun - Yes It Is!

Many of you love the Nature Lovers Videos page

so I am making you another one with some Fun Videos added.

You are sure to laugh lots with some of these -

all for your Enjoyment. Be sure to share them, hey?

Cute Little Birds And Ducks

Mallard Duck Hen and Ducklings

Relocation in a Lake

Weaver Birds Making Beautiful Weaving Nests

Parrots In Hyderabad Pakistan

Raising Kawaiisa's Chicks In Mainstream

Jump Day - Wood Ducks Jump from Nest Box

Vogels Spotten In Belgie

The Moment Of Leaving The Nest

Other Cute Creatures

New Born, Baby Sea Turtles Race to the Ocean!

Chihuahua Puppy thinks she's a Baby Goat

Silver Salmon Creek Alaska Brown Bear Cubs.

It's Raining Ducklings (In a Park)

Nora the polar bear cub growing up

Polar bear Knut having Fun in Berlin zoo.

European Brown Bear And Cubs 
Europese Bruine Beer Baby

Music For Animals?

Grazing Cows Rush to Listen to Accordion Music

Cows Ask For More Music, Cows Like

Guitar Music


Hands on Harps Concert to Cows

Out in the Meadow

Amazing Big Birds

Peacock flying from mountain

You should See this!

How does a Penguin Launch itself

from the Sea? 

Just Like A Bird Does - Aye?

Amazing Flights With Birds On Board A Microlight

Just like "Fly Away Home!"

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