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A List of Girls Names

with Meanings and Origins

These Names are Selected for the Sound and Meaning with Countries of Origin included

from a 5-6 month Special Project because I heard some awful names some parents are calling

their child like Carr for a Boy and Atlas for a girl (believe it or not). Names have real importance to me

and they should for every parent. I have met women and girls who have been named after a boat,

an actress they're not keen on, nonsensical made up names from two names (that does not have any meaning)

fictitious fantasy names from a TV programs etc We are giving someone a Name for Life and every time 

someone says our name, it has a meaning. These are all the best names I've found in tireless research

for you so your experience is a pleasant one - selecting a name for a child or even a  for oneself 

if you are not happy with a name you have been given. There are some really beautiful names in this

extensive List. I wish you well with your selection. ENJOY

Feature Name of this Month is Amy-Rose

I met a really lovely girl  this week with this name

that was given by her Gran - what a beautiful inspiration!

Amy means Beloved Dearly loved and Rose for a precious flower.

Many Thanks for Your Approval..

Anna    Grace    Hebrew

Adelie    Noble meadow, serene America

Adeline    Noble, kind French    Pleasant German

Adelisa    Of the nobility    Noble German

Annalisa    Grace     Hebrew

Adelita    Sweet or noble    German    Spanish

Adella    Noble,    kind Spanish

Alice    Nobility English

Adella    Of the nobility.    Noble Spanish

Adette    Sweet or noble    German

Alana    Peaceful, serene   Celtic Irish Gaelic

Aleena  Alina    Bright and Beautiful      Pakistani   Slavic

Aleeza    Joy, joyful    Hebrew

Aleezah    Joyous    Hebrew

Alena    Light    Celtic Slovakia

Alessa    Noble one  Israel

Aletia    Honest    Spanish

Alize    Joyful Hebrew

Aviva    Joyful spring    Hebrew

Alissa    Truth, noble    Israel English

Alitza    Joyous    Hebrew

Alivia    Peace, tree of life   English OR Olivia   Latin

Adonia    beautiful    Spanish

Akemi  (ah-ke-mee)   Beautiful sunrise    Japanese

Alaine    Beautiful    Irish

Alana    Beautiful Dear child    Irish

Alana    beautiful, peaceful    Ireland

Analena    Grace, favour  Variation of Anna Spanish

Anetta    Grace    Hebrew

 Anja    Grace of God    Russian

Annalisa    Grace or devoted to God    Hebrew

Annikki    Grace    Hebrew

Aliza    Joyful    Hebrew

Asha    Hope    Indian

Ashika    hope desire    India

Amia    Beloved    Hebrew    Latin

Alizah    Joy, joyful    Hebrew

Amy    Beloved Dearly loved    French

Amy-Rose   My absolute favorite version of this name

Antonia    Praiseworthy    Hebrew

Adalia    God is my Refuge, Noble    German

Bianca    Fair   German   Shining   Italian   Pure   Romanian

Beata (be-ar-ta)   Blessed and Loyal    German

Bethany   House of Song   Greek

Bonie    Good    English

Bonita    Pretty, beautiful    Spanish

Bonni    Pretty, Charming    Scottish

Benecia    Blessed one   Latin   Spanish

Bonita    Beautiful Pretty    Spanish

Bella    beautiful    French Spanish Latin-America

Belinda   Very beautiful    Italian Spanish

Callia    Beautiful    Greek

Carmel    Fruitful place    Hebrew

Carmela    Garden    Hebrew

Carmina    Song    English

Carmita    Song    English

Carola    Song of happiness    French

Carolena    Little and womanly    Italian

Catalina    Pure Form of the Greek Catherine    meaning pure

Catelyn    Pure a Spanish girl name Blessed, Pure, Holy

Chantell    Singer French

Chantelle    Singer French

Cortney    Courtly, courteous    English

Casee    Vigilant brave    Irish

Catelyn    Variation of the name Katherine, meaning pure    Irish

Chloe    Verdent and blooming.    Cloe, Cloee, Khloe    Greek English

Calissa    Beautiful. Variation of the name Calista    Most beautiful Greek

Calla    Beauty most beautiful   Greek

Cara    Dearest beloved in Latin    love in Cornish    beautiful face    Spanish/Latin

Cherished and Beloved One Italian little friend or little beloved    Gaelic and Irish

Carina    Dear one Dear, beloved    Italian

Carissa    Beloved very dear Greek    Caress French    Embrace Italian

Grace   kindness    English

Carita    Beloved one    Italian dearness, esteem, love Latin

Carlyn    Small and womanly    Greek    One who has freedom    Latin

Cathy    Pure    Greek

Cathryn    Pure   Irish

Cherie    Beloved    French

Cherine   Variation of the name Cherie, meaning dear one, darling    French

Cherisa   Dear one, darling. Blend of Cherie and Cerise    English

Cherise    Cherry    French

Cherrell    Variation of the French name Cherie, meaning dear one, darling

Cherrelle    Variation of the name Cherie, meaning dear one, darling

Cherrie    The fruit bearing cherry tree    English

Cheryl    Beloved    French

Chessa    Peaceful    Slavic

Christa    Christ bearer    English

Christi    Follower of Christ    Abbreviation of Christine    Irish

Cianna    God is gracious    Italian

Cianni    God i  gracious    Italian

Clarissa    Brilliant   Latin

Chedva    Joyous    Hebrew

Charissa    Grace    Greek

Charise    charming, hopeful    France

Chanina Chaninah   Favored, Grace    Hebrew

Christia    Follower of Christ    Latin

Danica    Morning star    Hebrew

Danna Danni    Feminine for Daniel God is my Judge    Hebrew

Danielle    Feminine for Daniel    God is my Judge    Hebrew

Dara    Compassionate    Hebrew

Darelle    Tenderly loved    Anglo Saxon

Darissa    Wise    Hebrew

Darlina Darlena    darling    English

Davina    Beloved    Celtic Gaelic

Davita    Feminine for David    Beloved    English

Davina    Cherished    Scottish

Diana    Complete light Hebrew  Arabic  Italian

Emma    Beloved    Latin

Elaine (eh-lane)    Bright Light    French

Eve Eva    Giver of life    Hebrew

Evalina Evalyn    Life    English

Evelyn  Wished for child    French

Evalina    Light and Life    Swedish

Elsa    Joyful and Noble    Swedish

Florence    To flower and flourish    English

Fay  Fae   Variation of the name Faith, meaning confidence, trust, belief    English

Fay-Ann  (Fay) same as above  (Ann) Priceless   English  German  Irish 

Faylene  Fayleen     Fine daughter    A Graceful Woman    English

Fiana    Vine    Irish

Felicia Felisha    Happiness    Latin

Fiona    White, Fair    Scottish

Felicity    Happiness    Latin

Gloria    Glory    Latin

Gloriana    Glorious grace    English

Gloriane    Glorious grace    English

Gloriann    Give praise with grace    American

Glorianna    Glorious grace    English

Grace    Grace of God   Latin    Favor, benevolence   Hebrew

Graciela    Grace of God    English

Gwenda    Fair and good    Welsh

Glenys    beautiful and holy ..    Ireland

Helen Helena    Light    Greek

Hanna    Favored, Grace    Hebrew

 Hannah    Grace of God    Hebrew

Hanina Haninah     Favored, Grace    Hebrew

Hanita    Favored, Grace    Hebrew

Hannela    Favored, Grace    Hebrew

Hope    Confident expectation    Hebrew

Ishi    He saves me    Hebrew

Ingrid    Beauty    Scandinavian

Jan    God has been gracious    Scottish

Janette    God has been gracious    English

Janet    Gift from God    Hebrew    Paradise Persian

Janetta    Gift from God    Hebrew   Paradise Persian

Jane    God is Gracious, God is merciful    originates in Hebrew

Janet    God has been gracious    God’s gracious gift    English

It is also a French and Scottish name

Jenny    relates to Jane

Jennie   Swedish   Jenny Spanish

Jenna    A small bird    in Arabic and African

Janelle    God is merciful    Hebrew English and French

Jeanette    Danish Yana   Norwegian Yanna Greek

Janella    The Lord has been Gracious    English    He has shown favor    Hebrew

Janessa    God is Gracious    Hebrew    Elaborated form of JANE    influenced by Vanessa

of Scottish and Norwegian origin From Jane in English

Jean    Scottish    Gift from God    Hebrew    Jeanette    God is gracious    English

Joanna    Polish and Hebrew in origin and its meaning is Grace or Gift of Yahweh

Janice    Gift from God and God is Gracious in Hebrew

Joanna    Gift of Yahweh    Hebrew in origin

Joyanna    Rejoicing    French

Jemma    Precious Stone    English

Jolie    Cheerful, pretty, beautiful    Spanish

Janna    Flourishing    Hebrew

Jovanna    God Is Gracious    Slavic

Kay    keeper of the keys, pure    English

Kaylah    keeper of the keys, pure    English

Kaylea Kaylei    keeper of the keys, pure    English

Kaylen Kaylene    Keeper of the keys, Pure    English

Kayley Kayli    Keeper of the keys, Pure    English

Kaylyn    Keeper of the keys, Pure    English

Kerri-Ann   (Kerri)  Dusky  Dark Hair  in Ireland  (Ann)  Grace   Hebrew  

Kiara    Clear in thoughts Bright minded Light    Irish Italian Latin

Kaya    Adds a place of resting    Japanese

Kaira    Peaceful    Scandinavian

Kaiyah    Full of grace   Hebrew

Kiana    Living with grace    American

Kalika    a rosebud    Greek

Kaly    rosebud    Greek

Kari (KAH Ree)    Form of Katherine    Pure of heart    Greek

Kalyn    rosebud    Greek

 Karen    Pure    Scandinavian

Kyria    Noble lady    Hebrew

Lani    Sky    Hawaiian

Lara    Cheerful    Greek

Larissa    Cheerful    Greek

Letitia     Joyful, Happy    Latin

Leticia    Joyful, Gladness    English

Latisha    Great Joy    Afro American

Latoya    Praised woman    Afro American

Leya    Loyalty    Spanish

Licia    Happy    Latin

Liana    My God has answered    Hebrew

Lilianna    Gracious lily    Latin

Lillee    Loving, caring, easy to talk to, good listener.

Variation of the name Lily    English

Lilli    Flower    Latin

Lillie    Innocence, purity and beauty of lilies    English

Lillian    Blend of Lily and Ann    English

Lilliana    Purity and beauty    Spanish

Linda    Pretty one    Spanish

Lindi    Beautiful love    English

Linnette    Grace    Celtic

Lisa    Consecrated to God    Hebrew

Lisa-Jane  (Lisa) same as above (Jane) God Is Gracious & Merciful   Hebrew

Lois    Good Agreeable    Hebrew    More desirable    Greek

Lyn    Beautiful    American

Lynda    Beautiful    Latin

Lynette    Little beauty    French

Lana    Attractive, peaceful    Celtic Gaelic

Malia    Calm and peaceful    Hawaiian

Malana    Light    Hawaiian

Malia    Calm and peaceful    Hawaiian

Luana    Happy and joyous Contented and relaxed    Hawaiian

Margret    Pearl    German

Mari    Wished for child    Hebrew

Marnina    Rejoice    Hebrew

Marni    To rejoice    Hebrew

Mary-Jane    Happy, cheerful.    Marie-Jane    English

Matana    Blessing    Hebrew

Matilyn    Loved    Unknown

Mave    Happiness    Celtic  Gaelic

Mavie    Songbud    Celtic

Mavise    Joy    French

Melissa    honey bee    Greek

Mayleen    Beautiful    Chinese

McKayla    Who is like God    Celtic Gaelic

Michelle    Who is like God    French

Melody    Song like    Greek

Merci    Compassionate    French

Mercia    Mercy    English

Mili    Virtuous    Hebrew

Miliani    Gentle caress    Hawaiian

Mira    Behold, admirable    Latin

Miranda   Admirable, beautiful    Latin

Myrilla    Wonderful    Latin

Myra    From the name Miranda    Latin

Mirari    Miracle    Portuguese

Mirela    Admirable    Romanian

Myla    Merciful    English

Myma    Beloved    Irish

Nada    Hope    Latin

Nadia    Hopeful    Slavic

Nancy    Gracious  Favored  Grace   English

Nanci    Favor and Grace    English

Nanelia    Grace in Hebrew

Nanetta   Grace in Hebrew

Nanette    Gracious    French

Nariko    Gentle Child    Japanese

Naomi    Beautiful, Agreeable    Hebrew

Nadia    Hope    Italy Spanish Greek Romania

Nanita    Favored, Grace    Hebrew

Neri    Light of God    Hebrew

Olivia    Peace and Olive    Latin

Rebecca    Captivating, beautiful    Hebrew

Reina    Peaceful    Spanish

Risa    Laughter    Latin

Rena    Joy   Hebrew

Raya    Friend    Hebrew

Rina Rinnah    Joyous song    Hebrew

Risha    Noble    English

Rochelle    Little Rock    French

Rosanna    Gracious  Rose   English

Rosetta    Little Rose    Italian

Rosa    Rose    Latin

Rosie    Rose Flower    English

Rosa   Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, English

Rosa    Bulgaria Macedonian Rose French Rosie    English

Shamika    Loving, kind, beautiful    Afro American  Happy and Cheerful  Arabic

Shanae    From the name Shana    Hebrew

Shanika    Vibrant, Cheerful    English

Shantell    Song    American

Shanton    We Sing    French

Sharai    Princess Variation of the name Sharon    Israeli

Sharayah    Friend  in  Israel

Sharla    Little and womanly    French

Sharmila    Modest   Blissful One    Russia

Sharni    Place of many roses    Irish

Sharnta    To sing or cheer    France

Sharna    Beautiful    Yiddish    Lily or Rose    God is gracious    Hebrew

Sharon    A fertile plain    Beautiful Princess    His song    Hebrew

Shayla    Her gift    Celtic Gaelic

Shayna    Beautiful    Hebrew

Sheera    A song    Hebrew

Shemariah    Protected by God    Hebrew

Sheri    From the name Sharon    Hebrew

Sherine    From the name Sharon    Hebrew

Sherise    From the name Charisse    Greek

Sherri    Beloved    Hebrew

Sheree    Darling    French

Shimeka    Beautiful princess, beautiful angel, faith    English

Shina    Virtue, good    Japanese

Shira    A song    Hebrew

Shiri    Song of my soul    Hebrew

Shirina    Love song    American

Shona    Feminine form of John   God has been Gracious    Hebrew

Shoshana    Lily    Hebrew

Sosanna    Lily    Irish

Shoshanah    Shana Rose    Hebrew

Sidonie    Flower    French

Sonrisa    Smiles    Spanish

Sonya    Wisdom    Latin

Sophia    Wisdom    Greek

Sophie    Wisdom    Greek

Stacey    Resurrection    Greek

Stacia    Resurrection    Slavic

Stacie    Resurrection

Stasia    Resurrection    Russian

Sue Susan    Lily    American

Suhani    Pleasant    Indian

Susanna    Lily    Latin

Suki    One who is loved    Japanese

Sarah    Princess    Hebrew

Tallia    Joyful, blooming    Greek

Talora Talori    Morning's dew    Hebrew

Tamah    Joy    Hebrew

Teisha    Happy    Latin

Thea    Gift of God    Greek

Tabitha    Gazelle, beauty, grace    Hebrew

Talia Taliyah Tahlia    Morning Dew    Hebrew

Takara    Treasure    Japanese

Vivian Viviana    Full of life    Italian

Vesna    Spring    Slavic

Vida    Dearly loved    Scottish

Vinaya    Modest    Indian

Valerie    Strength, health    French    Strong and valiant    English

Yalissa    a beautiful flower in Israel

Zarah    Sunrise, rising of light    Hebrew

Zemil    Joyous melody    Hebrew

Hours of searching has gone into this List.

I have done the Research and Collating of names,

the Screening and Sifting for you

to make things easier so you can enjoy!

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