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A List of Girls Names

with Meanings and Origins

These Names are Selected for the Sound and Meaning with Countries of Origin included

from a 5-6 month Special Project because I heard some awful names some parents are calling

their child like Carr for a Boy and Atlas for a girl (believe it or not). Names have real importance to me

and they should for every parent. I have met women and girls who have been named after a boat,

an actress they're not keen on, nonsensical made up names from two names (that does not have any meaning)

fictitious fantasy names from a TV programs etc We are giving someone a Name for Life and every time 

someone says our name, it has a meaning. These are all the best names I've found in tireless research

for you so your experience is a pleasant one - selecting a name for a child or even a  for oneself 

if you are not happy with a name you have been given. There are some really beautiful names in this

extensive List. I wish you well with your selection. ENJOY

Hours of searching has gone into this List.

I have done the Research and Collating of names,

the Screening and Sifting for you

to make things easier so you can enjoy!

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