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Developing Better Thought Patterns

Healthier Mindsets and Happier Lives

Remember when reading this article that Gradual Changes when Practiced Consistently

Make for Permanent Change and the Happier Person you want to be.

It may surprise you to know that everyone has some negative and unwanted thoughts.

Happy are those who seek to manage them rather than rid them completely.

All of us have had some Negative Programming at some time, by some thing or someone in some way.

Some good news you will read takes time – but certainly affords Hope.

These changes do not come about overnight – they will require a little persistence and the results are worth it – something more than a flash in the pan.....but if we take on a Big amount of Change at one time, the effort to keep all that up can cause more stress and you have possibly come here to this Page because you are stressed. With any ‘self-improvement’ methods or strategies, try to devote your time and energies on a small amount at a time and 

you will get there slowly and surely.

Instant isn’t the order of the day here – give yourself a little time and be kind to yourself.

“Let’s Go! Shall We?”

What many of us are fighting with sometimes is ingrained thoughts from past experience, not so much our current thoughts  and this can make the current situation we’re dealing with seem worse than it is. 

Feelings are recorded by our brain too and can be quite contentious, when we have too much time to think.

Limit that as best you can by engaging in some thought shifting activity – something different you can focus on. I say activity because you need to move physically from the spot you’re in and engage your brain in something that requires your attention. Something that sustains your interest works even better – it is very effective against negativity 

and even anxiety.




Usual things you can do are:

A walk outside.

A task in your kitchen or garden.

Do some reading on a favorite topic.

Make your bed....have a Shower.


You could start a Craft of some kind you enjoy.

If given a chance, a hobby may be just what you need to be busy

and create new thought patterns if disturbing thoughts have been a problem.

A few simple exercises to benefit your Health.

NOTE: People who go for walks or exercise groups generally keep healthier mindsets.

Starve those Negative Thought Patterns and don’t give them any leeway.

Replace sad thoughts with happy ones:)

Keep a bunch of happy things to think about on hand and when those disturbing thoughts occur, treat them with the contempt that’s due. Give them a hard time instead of them harassing you, hey?

I know someone who does this who used to be bothered by tension and anxiety – this has helped him transform his mood levels.

Our brain is like a muscle, we need to exercise it rather than let thoughts run rampant.

We need to give it guidelines and train it how to behave (what is acceptable and what is not).


When we practice this, our days become more restful and happier and we adjust to life’s situations better because we’re not living with an accumulation of negativity that is often referred to as overload – you could compare that to work overload. We’re not built to live like that. Our day or our week becomes more purposeful instead of coasting along, taking everything that comes along. We will find ourselves saying “YES” to this and “NO” to that, instead of complaining and getting upset (that’s negative energy we don’t need).



This exercise could be likened to sorting out our clothes for washing: White clothes in one lot……

Dusty socks in the other. Ha ha:) it’s an acquired discipline we develop – an investment well

worth it, that pays dividends.



If you think “That takes Effort!” unhealthy thinking patterns take a whole lot more energy, hey?

As a result of this practice/pursuit, there’s more order and structure to our lives – it becomes more what we want it to be and our coping skills are much improved.




With so much negativity around us these days, our brain can develop destructive thought patterns when left to itself. That’s inevitable. Yes everyone has negative thoughts and unwanted thoughts, yet so few decide to do something about it or are aware that they can. Lives have been changed by those who have. This can be you.



And please avoid unrealistic expectations. Life has enough disappointments without adding to them.

Rather, aim for some gradual and steady progress toward something you think could be achievable with improved thinking patterns and take things from there.




If you do this, you can go from strength to strength. Remember “Little” is Best when making Changes. 

Don’t go for Big Chunks that would only give you a Negative Experience to start off with.

We’re aiming for Less Negativity aren’t we? That results in a happier balanced person.

That’s the point of the exercise – not ordering more frustration for ourselves.

More Insights

Unrealistic expectations: Who needs them? TV....Media..... Entrepreneurs and Lotteries etc

Set us up for those more than we realize and we need to recognize that. Opulent people and Manufacturers need not 'Set the Pace' for our Living Standards or dictate what we should Buy to improve our Lifestyles – we can do better without their influence. They program our subconscious thinking with expectations they impose on us, pretty much on a daily basis.

Yes, and unrealistic expectations of any kind only sabotage our efforts, to get to a state of mind

we are happy with. Besides, happiness starts on the inside, not outside. The world is so Full of Unrealistic Expectations these days and we have to have Everything Instant! Believe it or not, that phenomena we have been experiencing (some more, some less) actually lessons the Joy Factor, some waiting and expectations brought our Grandparents of Yesteryear.



Those Synthetic Living Standards or dictatorship – wise people are starting to see through – have to shape everyone’s mindsets in some way, there is so much around us and we are exposed to this every day. IE “Do this, do that…..get this, get that… don’t have this yet, you don’t have that…..

Don’t do things that way, do them this way.” And on it goes (those messages we’re hearing) setting us up for discontentment and intimidation. Yes, just think of this, if you watch TV every day, you are being bombarded with that. No wonder some people are opting for a different lifestyle in the evenings (other interests they have in mind) and enjoying more Free Time. Honestly, TV used to be considered to be part of a normal lifestyle years ago when my dad used to sell and service them……these days it’s Anything But……the amount of Rubbish we are supposed to accept as “Normal”

I’ll tell you what’s NORMAL: Things we are speaking about in this article hey?

Returning to Normality – call it Sanity! Help yourself to as much as you can of this kind of thing,

it will condition you to handle the stresses of life better and even Lesson some of them because Healthier Thinking Patterns will afford happier living. Let us Take Care what our minds are entertaining, be it negative thoughts or TV and certain Song Lyrics put out there by Music Artists.

They have Negative Experiences in life too and mass produce copies of those for everyone to buy and pollute their minds with. Honestly, it all goes somewhere! And whose getting the better deal? You or them, when you go home with it, programming your mind with those Negative Lyrics and they make their bank accounts Fatter!? Do yourself a favor and decide what belongs in the trash can and think twice when making purchases, to keep on the safe side.

Like I said, it lodges somewhere in our thinking - did you know that repetition is an effective tool to train our brain to Store things in our Memory (in more ways than one) how much more will our minds record Lyrics we hear over and over repeatedly? And if Nutritionists and Healthy Food Advocates tell us "we are what we eat" (our health status) how true does this principle apply to our brain - that which we hear, watch and read?

Summing the last few paragraphs up, those things don’t make for Restful Thinking and we need to plan things and organize our day or week in a restful state of mind. Those who do these things are the happier for it.

So decide from the start you are going to be patient, gracious and kind to yourself in the Process and leave bigger things for later. Right now, if you’re seeking for Change……..chances are that you probably have some remodeling to do more than anything-else right now, to make your life better and friendlier in your environment. We would be Wise not to go for the “Happy Feel” as Contentment whereby we can be happier in ourselves anyway because we will be more Well Adjusted. Besides “Feelings are Fickle” so try not to build on those – our mood levels keep crashing that way. 

Aim for Substance, things you can maintain and sustain

Make This A Day To Day Discovery.

There’s a Chinese saying which says “The Journey Is As Important As The Destination.”

We live in an Instant Society who wants “Everything NOW!” …….. “I WANT IT NOW” remember.


It’s good to find ways of controlling our Personal Environment at-least (if other things are out of control in the world around us) so we can live our lives Normally as much as possible and set better examples for our kids 

and those around us.



Be that happy person with healthy thinking patterns.

Change starts Today, not Tomorrow.


I wish you well with your New Discoveries. 

They also say "Joy is in the Journey!"

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