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A List of Boys Names

with Meanings and Origins

These Names are Selected for the Sound and Meaning with Countries of Origin included

from a 5-6 month Special Project because I heard of some awful names some parents are calling

their child like Carr for a Boy and Atlas for a girl (believe it or not). Names have real importance to me

and they should for every parent. We are giving someone a Name for Life and every time

someone says our name, it has a meaning. These are all the best names I've found in tireless research

for you so your experience is a pleasant one - selecting a name for a child or even a nickname for oneself

if you are not happy with a name you have been given. It's often hard to find lots of boys names. Not now!

There are some really good names in this extensive List. I wish you well with your selection. ENJOY

Aland    Bright as the sun      English

Akio (ah-kee-oh)  Bright Boy Man   Bright, Luminous  Japanese

Aaron     Enlightened, to sing    Hebrew

Aarush    First ray of sun    Indian

Abijah      The lord is my father         Hebrew

Abir    Strong         Hebrew

Abisha    The lord is my father    Hebrew

Adar    Noble    Hebrew

Adnan         Pleasure    Hebrew

Adne    Eagle    German

Aeshan         In God's grace        Indian

Ahren    Eagle    German

Akemi    Beauty of dawn    Japanese

Akim    God will establish    Hebrew

Akir         Anchor        Scottish

Akira      Distinct        Japanese

Alan  Allan     Handsome    Celtic Gaelic

Alex        Protector of mankind    Greek

Alvyn     Wise friend      English

Amadeo      Loves God    Spanish

Andre     Rising of the sun       English

Andy    Manly    Greek

Angelo    Angel Latin    Italian

Angus    Unique strength    Celtic Gaelic

Anlon       Great champion       Irish

Anluan       Champion   Irish

Anntoin       Priceless   Irish

Ansel     Follows nobility     French

Ansell    God's protection      English

Anthony    Worthy of praise      Greek

Anton    Worthy of praise    Slavic

Antonio    Worthy of praise    Spanish

Antony    Praiseworthy, flourishing    Latin

Arri     Seeking the best results      Greek

Asher      Blessed, happy      Hebrew

Avisha      Gift from God    Hebrew

Avishai    Gift from God      Hebrew

Aviv      Spring, renewal    Hebrew

Barclay    Meadow of the birch tree   English

Barram      Handsome      Irish

Baruch      Blessed    Hebrew

Bary   Marksman   Celtic/Gaelic

Bendek    Blessed     Polish

Benen    Blessed      Irish

Benicio      Benevolent one    Spanish

Benito    Blessed    Italian

Benjamin      Son of my right hand      Hebrew

Benji    Son of my right hand    Hebrew

Benjiro      Enjoys peace    Japanese

Bert      Bright      German

Binah    Understanding      Hebrew

Braydon    Broad hillside    English

Brian    Strong one    Celtic/Gaelic

Bryant    Strong noble virtuous    English Celtic

Carlo    Strong French    Free man    German Italian

Carl    Strong one   German

Carlos    Strong one    Spanish

Carson      A follower of Christ      Celtic Gaelic

Carmi   Vine dresser       Hebrew

Charles      Manly, farmer      German

Chet   A fortress, camp      English

Cory    God's Peace     German     English

Curtis      Courteous    Latin

Dale      Valley    German

Daley      Lives in the valley      English

Dael    Knowledge of God     Hebrew English

Dallas    Wise    Celtic Gaelic

Damon      Constant, loyal      Greek

Daniel Dan Danyl    God is my judge      Hebrew

Danik (DAN ik)   From Daniel    Hebrew

Danya    Given by God    Russian

Daran    Great    English

Darby    Free man    Celtic Gaelic

Darren      Great    Celtic Gaelic

Darrius    He who upholds the good    Greek

Daryl    Dear, beloved    French

David Davey Dave    Beloved    Hebrew

Daviel Davion    Beloved    Hebrew   Davis Son of David Welsh     

Davi (dah vee)    From David    Spanish Brazilian Portuguese 

Davy  Davian    Beloved    English

Dayle     Lives in the valley       English

Delvin      Godly friend    English

Denton    Happy home  English

Dillon   Retreat French     Faithful Celtic Gaelic

Doren    Gift    Hebrew

Drew    Manly and courageous      Greek

Dureau     Strong    French

Dwight    White, fair one    English

Eban    Eben    Rock     Hebrew

Ephram      Fruitful    Hebrew

Evan    God is Good      Welsh

Ezra    Helper    Hebrew

Gad    Wealth Happiness     Hebrew

Gadi (gar dee)    My happiness      Hebrew

Garth      A field, garden    English

Garvey    Peace    Celtic Gaelic

Geoff    Peace    German

Geoffrey    Gift of peace    English

Geordi    Hill near meadows    Greek

Gianni    Italian form of the English name John

Gilli    Happiness    Hebrew

Hanly    From the high meadow    English

Hann    Gift from God    German

Hans      God is gracious      Scandinavian

Harel Harrell       Mountain of God       Hebrew

Helaku      Sunny day    Native American

Heman     Faithful      Hebrew

Honi      Gracious    Hebrew

Ian      God is gracious    Celtic Gaelic

Jamian    Right hand of favour    Hebrew

Jayden    God has heard      American

Jedd  Jedi      Beloved by God      Hebrew

Jerah    The Lord has seen    Hebrew

Jeran      Cry of rejoicing    English

Jesiah    God Exists Variation of Joshua    Hebrew

Joel    God is willing       Hebrew

John    God is gracious, merciful    Hebrew

Johnathan    Gift of God      Hebrew

Jonas        Accomplishing        Hebrew

Jorryn      The one God loves       American

Jose      From the name Joseph    Spanish

Joseph  Josef    God will increase    Hebrew

Joshua Josh    God saves    Hebrew

Josias    God is salvation    Hebrew

Juan       From the name John    Spanish

Jude    Praise and Thanks       Hebrew English

Julian    Youthful    Greek

Kasem (ka seym)    Well being Happiness    Thai Afro American

Karsen (KAR sen)    Form of Carson      A follower of Christ    Celtic Gaelic

Kaz    Peacemaker    Japanese Polish 

 Liam    Protector      Hebrew Celtic Irish    Desire Protection    German

Lucas    Bringer of light     Greek Irish Latin Spanish American

Locke    Forest    English

Mathew    Gift of God    English

Mathias    Gift of the Lord    Hebrew

Michael       Who is like God    Hebrew 

Nathan      Gift of God    Hebrew

Neil     Champion    Celtic Gaelic    Irish

Nicholas Nicolas    Victorious people     Greek

Nick  Nicky    Victorious people    Greek

Peter       A rock    Greek

Ranen     Joyous      Hebrew

Ranon      Joyful    Hebrew

Ron     Advisor to the king    English    Song of Joy   Hebrew

Continued: Rules with counsel    Scandinavian  Gaelic

Ronen    To be glad, to sing    Hebrew 

Royce        Son of the king      French

Ryan     Young royalty    Celtic Gaelic

Rishon (RIH shon) The first    Hebrew

Sam  Samuel       God's word       Hebrew

Shannon     God is Gracious     Hebrew

Simon    Listening It is heard    Hebrew

Spencer     Keeper of provisions     English

Stacy Stace   Fruitful Productive    Greek    Stable Dependable    Latin 

Stephan Steve     Crowned one    Greek

Tanner      Pine tree forest      German       Open Field    Finnish 

Terry  Terrence    Tender, gracious       Latin

Tim Timothy     Honouring God    Greek

Teshi    Cheerful, full of laughter      African

Tevis    Hillside    Irish

Yanni     God is Gracious     Greek and Hebrew

Hours of searching has gone into this List.

I have done the Research and Collating of names,

the Screening and Sifting for you

to make things easier so you can enjoy!

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