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Just Right For You 

Nature Lovers!

You will really love these videos I have here for you. 30 of them.

There are some wonderful surprises - watch them to find out.

I have spent many hours at different times and these are my best finds.


Nature's Adorable Creatures

Bowie Always Wants The Limelight

Birdie Stairmaster—Long Steps!

Peacock Flying And Sounds

Being Fed Like Pigeons

Baby Ducks In My Pool! First Day Of Life.

An Amazing Story

Nature Lover Feeding Her Lorrikeets

Bowie talking to himself by the window

My Indian Parrot Dancing And More

See These Maggies And Kookaburras Together

Kookaburra Laughing In My Backyard,

Near Geelong Australia.

Peacock Dance At The Zoo

This Is Really Beautiful


So Beautiful!

Gorgeous Penguins Love To Bask And Bathe



Breathtaking Exotic Hummingbirds

Hi, Tickle Tickle, Woo & Bye From Bowie

Flock of Parrots Feeding in India

You Should See This

Duck Takes Her Chicks For A Walk

A Little Adventure

Red-winged Blackbird - Really Nice!

Indian Parrot Splashing In A Bath

Sunny laughs - See The Interaction

Kookaburra Laugh......Just Laugh!

The Australian Magpies Love To Sing.

They Sound Melodic.


Wonderfully Created

Emperor Likes Me - So Cute!

Hummingbird Sleeping While

Hanging Upside Down

Amazing Hummingbirds

Our Creator Gave Them All To Us - Hey?

Different Colors, Shapes and Sizes in Different Lands. Yes, He's Full of Surprises

When We Look Out of Our Daily Lives into His Creation.

All These Videos Amaze Me - That's Why I Like to Share Them!

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