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Health Alerts

On this website there are lots of Special Pages along different lines of Interest.

Plenty of content to keep you Entertained. So many reports coming back to me.

Of Necessity, there are Some Health Alerts As Well, in a separate Menu here

for those who wish to protect their Health and their Family.

These are remarkable days we are living in with Good and Not-So-Good

things going on. For instance, you will find some really Good Things

in the 'New Devices & Therapies' Menu - Some really

Good Inventions and Breakthroughs which are making people Well.

On the other hand, the Sub-Pages of this Menu deal with some

pretty bad things certain Manufacturers are getting up to

that make people Unwell. Yes, they can and do affect our Health adversely.

Some over time and cannot be taken for granted because they have a Cumulative Affect

when they build up in Our Body.......even Our Brain.

Pages So Far Are:

Sugar Is Not Natural

Dangerous Food Additives To Avoid

Arsenic In Rice Concerns

Plastic Nbs - How Safe Are They?

(Practice Care)

How To Remove Pesticides

Green Tea: Benefits & Side Effects

Rice Concerns - Good Options

More Pages

Coming Soon!

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