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Happy Funding

An Exciting Concept For Funding Trees

You Would Not Guess - Read This!

Did You Know There Is A Special CHARITY Search Engine, You Can Make Your Searches

With On The Internet (like you do on Google or Bing) With This Difference:

They Pool 80% Of Their Profits Into TREE PLANTING In Countries In Need Of More Food

AND More Shelter Due To The World Wide Climate Change (global warming).

They Also Do REFORESTATION With Trees As Well.

How Good Is That!?

This Means That Every 45 Searches You Click On Using The ECOSIA Search Engine,

One Tree Is Planted Because Of Your Kindness And Consideration For Others.

Just Think Of It - One Tree Every 45 Searches On Ecosia instead of Google?

And unlike Google, Ecosia Never SELLS Your Searches!

WHY? Because they are not about Business and the Greed of Multi-National Companies

who are all out to Get/Compete for Your Dollar (On Google).

YES! You Have More Privacy On ECOSIA.

Who does not need Protection in this Day and Age?

Just Think Of It - NO MORE Pesky GOOGLE ADS

Bombarding Your SEARCHES On The Internet

Making Your Experience STRESSFUL

AND just like TV (television) interrupting Your Children's Viewing

with lots of Violent and AO Rated Movie ADs and Games!

I will also show you how to Block Obscene and Violent Content on YouTube,

YouTube ADs as well Without Paying. And how to SENSOR Certain WORDS and TOPICS

from coming up on Your Computer Screen AND Your Children's Screens as well,

here on Health And Inspirations.

If You Click On Free Funding on the Banner Picture

at the top or this Page, it Will Take You Straight To the ECOSIA

Website and Search Engine.

And You Can Read More About This Exciting Program!

The ECOSIA Videos - Do See page in this Happy Funding menu 

will let you you know more too.


Explore The Pages Of  This Menu!

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