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In Favor Of Wheat-Free Grain-Free

Please watch this Video

And also read the main Page of this Menu. HERE

I was just viewing this video this evening and am inspired

to add this Menu to this Website.

Other Health Diets are beneficial too. This one is based on Good Principles.

  This Is Worth Hearing!

This Medical Practitioner and Specialist had Type 2 Diabetes. He benefited immensely

from his discovery about Wheat. He went on a Wheat and Grain Free Diet

and was rewarded with significant weight reduction and experienced a number of

other Health Benefits. A new lease on health, shall we say?

Following that, he placed a number of patients on a Wheat-Free Grain-Free Diet -

they had the same results. He was so inspired by all that, he then became an Avid Researcher

in this area and Activist against Modern Wheat which has been Hybridised so many times,

it does not even resemble the original wheat it came from.

No wonder it is so damaging to our Health!

Note Of Interest:

Believe it or not, about 28yrs ago, I was browsing in a Health Store and noticed they had some packets of Gluten,

they were promoting for Vegetarians. So I bought some and went home to try it. Little did they know, it is actually Bad for You.

It was the same thing with Fructose about 15yrs ago. Another Health Store was selling packets of Fruit Sugar, thinking is was a "good thing" to have in place of Cane Sugar. Today, High Fructose Corn Syrup is known by various Health Professionals, to be a leading cause for Binge Eating and Obesity, along with Excessive intake of  Fructose, that is pretty much concentrated in commercially bought Fruit Juice.

So much for those, now some Health Stores are selling "Organic Sugar" - it makes no difference whether Sugar Cane is "Organic" or not, it still goes through the same Synthetic Process which makes it toxic to your health anyway. It's one of the latest Marketing Ploys of the Sugar-Cane Industry and should not be found there - like SOY........the greatest PLOY out there!

The promotion of Lots of "Whole Grains" in our diet is now found to be Flawed. Ignorance must give way to True Knowledge.

I hope that you benefit from these discoveries.

Whole Wheat is Good for You? Hardly!

It has 14 strains of Gluten which are foreign to Our Bodies!

It is also Very Additive!

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