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Hi From Janet

24th December 2019

Wishing you all a pleasant Season and a Good Year in 2020. 

I'm looking forward to spreading more Happiness and Peace and Inspirations in this next year.

And lots of Good Health Tips too. 

Everyone likes Secrets and most of us like Recipes too.

Well, here in my first Posts on this Blog, I am going to share with you some Recipes for Living

to Inspire you for the coming year, so it can be a happier or more restful one, at least on the inside if everything doesn't change remarkably at the stroke of midnight into the New Year:)

And do they for anyone? No! Because that is an unrealistic expectation isn't it?

You know, sure to wear off (most times) a few days or weeks after the feel wears off, if we

leave it to the Calendar - so to speak - to make things different (it leads to disappointment).

I'm writing some things in these first Posts that if ventured will improve things for most of us.

I have practiced many of these - some are personal discoveries.

Personally speaking, I think our Creator designed New Years and Seasons,

to give us a fresh new sense of optimism or new outlook.

So here's some Secrets and Recipes you can try anytime of the year really

and especially at the beginning of a year. Something different to resolutions.

Many have given up on those hey?

Beautiful Sunshine – What a Blessing

24th December 2019

Sunshine is actually Good for You – Come outside and Enjoy some Again

Yes, it's Good for Flowers and it's Good for You too!

There is a necessity in these times for Switching Off from the Cares of Life and sitting or walking in the sunshine is a nice way to do that – accompanied with fresh air or quiet stillness where you can almost hear the silence. Even the quiet sounds around you can give you a peaceful sense of company, being tuned to the outdoor environment – it is really quite restful.

Sunshine has a favorable impact on our mood. We can influence our mood levels for good instead of spending so much time indoors. Those who get fresh air and sunshine are happy generally_ look at the home gardeners!

Yes sunlight is actually an essential element for a happy disposition, missing in many people who live sedentary lifestyles or work many hours in high rise buildings etc It also sets the circadian rhythm that is nature's sleep/wake cycle within. When we have sunshine in the morning for instance, we sleep well at night. A sleep chemical is released from our pineal gland called Melatonin. Yes, sunshine can keep levels of Serotonin and Melatonin from sinking and making us feel lethargic and listless.

Just like exercise helps us to stay off apathy, sunlight is good for us. There's so much misguided talk about Cancer as there is about Cholesterol. It's only over exposure to sunshine that can lead to skin cancer in some people we hear so much about.

It has actually been discovered that lack of sunshine and sunscreens cause more skin cancers or too much sunshine when your body is toxic and stressed through modern diets laden with chemicals. So why not go out and ENJOY!

Some of us remember when grandparents sat outside in the sunshine for 30-50 minutes each day and mothers used to give their babies and toddlers a little sunbath without nappy or clothing on - how this would be a happy and peaceful time. Children at school would even be told to go out and play in the sunshine at lunch time. That's because there are so many benefits. It reduces stress and depression by causing a release of endorphins - our body's own mood elevator. So it enhances our mental outlook and sense of well being.

Our immune system is strengthened by exposure to moderate sunlight.

Having 10-15 minutes of sunshine in the morning, without glasses or sunshades on helps to set the circadian rhythm for melatonin to be released at night.

It is well documented that, if we are not exposed to sunshine, our body rhythms run 50 minutes slower every day. This can disturb our sleep/wake cycle as well as the rest of our body's hormonal rhythms.

All these good benefits for enjoying some time outdoors.

We may even hear some birds singing or tweeting in the trees.

PEACE to you and have a lovely day!

Sunny Day

Clear blue skies on a sunny day

Autumn leaves, they toss and sway

The birds, they are joyfully singing

And to me__ laughter they’re bringing.

I love God’s excellent ways

For He knows they would be such pleasure

All these things on a sunny day.

Janet Vargas ©

Sunshine Blessings, Give Yourself A Happy Lift!

Treasures In Contentment

24th December 2019

"Let's live in Contentment - Happiness is more tangible that way,

not so far from our grasp" (JV) Would you care to join me?

Contentment is a good thing, it is not dependent on circumstances for our

peace of mind. Can you see the beauty of that? Maybe you will after reading this post.

A family member said these words to me today:

"I am going to enjoy what I have in life.....I am going to be content with the things

that I have and not bother with the things I don't have. I will make the most of

everything I have that is makes me contented and happy.

If we want to be happy, we need to stop and think about what we have.

Obviously, you have them because you liked them at some stage.

I'm going to enjoy them now!"

I can give a hearty "YES" to that because her words (above) are SO TRUE!

Happiness is not in endless possessions, the latest car and furniture or that something big you are waiting to happen - whatever that may be - Happiness is within your grasp once you see and find the Value of Contentment. It gives you a different mode of living that truly proves to be beneficial.

Life does not consist of an abundance of possessions or what you wish for tomorrow!

We need to be happy with what we have to find Contentment. The two are interchangeable.

Contentment is to be preferred to 'getting things' and is conducive to our health.

This has been proven time and again.

When we are contented, we can experience happiness more often because we

can see the value in simple expectations. There are less set-backs and disappointments

- that often accompany unrealistic expectations.

We live in a world with a continual barrage of TV Advertisements and programs

that doesn't help matters. They're always telling us what and who we don't have (between the lines) reminding us what we should get, should have, should do etc Aren't you tired of it, hey? They're always programming our minds for discontent, fear, doubts, depression.

If we cut back the amount of viewing time and make our own entertainment, we would be

much happier people. We need to ask ourselves what we would do at home if there wasn't much TV to view and do it.


TV (television) numbs our brain and often causes poverty in Family-Lifestyle.

Let's develop other interests, hey?

My dad was a pioneer in TV Sales and Service when they came to our state in 1958.

He sold 500 of them in the first two years, mostly in a country area, when I was eight.

He retired earlier than intended because of the amount of rubbishy content that was being accepted as the norm and affecting families (they were relating with each-other less).

And I got bored with it many years ago - I like a computer better, you're in charge that way.

Occasionally, I make time to enjoy a quality DVD from the Screen in my lounge-room.

I like to balance my computer activities with 'real life' activities like craft cards, cooking and gardening. They make for contentment, they really do. I love to make inspirational websites like Inspirations For You to bring peace and joy into the day of my readers, with pleasant poems and sayings accompanied with beautiful pictures. Much as I enjoy that, the thing is, even for me, that can be what I call 'Virtual Living' if I am not in my kitchen, making recipes and out in the garden watching my plants grow or having a stroll in a nearby park or feeding seeds to the ducks not far by car - all these things are true life that makes for Contentment.

Please everyone, find and experience the balance!

They interest me, please find some things that interest you, hey?

You can do this, it will pay dividends to your health and quite possibly your

family life as well.

When we live in Contentment, there are less disgruntlements with family and friends, less complaints at God and He can enable us to be more resilient if we trust Him. Jesus said:

"I have not said that you would find peace in the world (it's system, it's stressful ways) but that you can find Peace in Me (a tangible peace in His presence, His person, His ways)"

Yes, He is speaking of a Peace despite circumstances.

Faith can sometimes 'leap tall buildings' (figure of speech) Peace can give you sleep -

you don't need sleeping tablets aye? Feelings are fickle, they seldom impart restfulness.

We can be really upset by feelings, especially looking for happiness.

"Happiness is not from feelings - when we decide to be happy, it's no more concealing" (JV)

We can take Contentment into each new day and we will find Happiness as a Bi-product.

A Poem from my Inspirational Website

Contentment brings Hope for tomorrow

someone's happiness, we don't have to borrow.

Let's be wise, the beauty lies

in what's within, be filled to the brim.

Draw from the Fountain

this will help you move mountains.

Yes look to Him

in this way you win.

Give me Jesus.


He is not a Santa-Christ like Televangelists would have us believe, but Life

is definitely Better with Him. I'm not a Church person but I have time for Jesus

and His Words of Life!

How we See Ourselves is So Important

28th December 2019

I will share with you a Life Principle.

The way we look at ourselves is important and has a lot to do with how we experience life. Yes, the way we look inward has to do with our outlook on life.

We all have self-talk, an inner chatter. A dialogue as it were.

Make sure yours is kind and give it some guidelines on a daily basis until it becomes your friend - bringing to mind positive thoughts, cheerful thoughts and loving thoughts.

Yes, feed yourselves this type of thinking until it becomes natural.

Because our inner chatter is somewhat negative for most and unruly for some, with content that is disturbing and sometimes troublesome if not kept in check. Yes, you can monitor this self talk and tell it what to say, so to speak. You can decide the things you would like to hear.

Our God given Power of Choice is a wonderful thing. We can choose what we want in life_ company, past-time and interests, food and cuisine, TV programs and websites etc AND we can determine what type of thoughts we like to think, so we can see ourselves and life around us differently.

If we have a poor self image, it is difficult to see life how it should be.

Sometimes we need a healthy diet to foster healthier thoughts. It's noted how Vitamin B Complex can pick up your energy levels and lift your can quality proteins and steamed veges; enzymes from fresh healthy salads and fruit!

Walking and Exercise is also important because they help to increase our circulation and oxygen levels - that is good for our brain.

So food and activity does have a bearing on the way we think about ourselves and sunshine. Too much time indoors does not help anyone, especially when you don't let the natural light in and open the windows. That can actually set you up for depressing thoughts where your morale is really down.

If we can't exercise and we spend considerable time indoors, it is a good idea to keep active in someway – try not to be sedentary – at least every 60-90 mins walk into another room and do something, no matter how small.

Try not to let the TV and Internet be your nurse-maids......we were'nt meant to have our brain bombarded with constant stimuli as with TV especially – it has been proven to be bad for our brain as are action computer games also. They can be a health hazard when used excessively. So if possible, try to find an interest that engages your brain in a natural way something that appeals to your intellect or creativity.

In most people's opinion I come across, there's so much absolute rubbish and negativity thrown at you through the TV these days! That does not foster good thoughts. When you think about it, lots of not so good suggestions are thrown at you every so many minutes – some more subtle than others but they're there. Not to mention, some programs and soapys are out to stereo type you in some way.

On the internet, all manner of enticement and negativity is out to get your attention. At least you can control the content better than a television. My dad was a pioneer TV sales and serviceman in 1958 when it came to our state. It was a good thing then and everyone was so excited.....the programs were better.....and because they were not on all day or evening, they were balanced with other interests.

Honestly, not that I'm Anti-TV and I run 6 Websites_ how can we think healthy thoughts and have a positive self-image when there's a 'battle of the image' going on in most people's houses everyday? Your brain being misinformed with so much unhealthy input. What does all this do for our morale? How can a plant grow in an unhealthy environment? How can we grow and find true happiness or satisfaction with so much clamor for our attention. I mean to say, what we've been accustomed to thinking of as 'the norm' is so unnatural isn't it, really?

There are protective measures we can take to make for more brain space and family communications.

Watch out for sweets and carbohydrate snacks; cokes and sodas; lots of ice-cream_ they mess with our sugar and energy levels and can affect our morale poorly. Researchers don't refer to 'sugar blues' for nothing. First they give you a temporary boost, then about 30 mins later comes the urge for more.....setting most of us up for highs and lows. Sugar cravings are the hidden cause for a poor self image in many people.

We need to nurture our morale too. We do this by having times aside from the busy rush and distractions of life around us.....the work and social associations of the day and the week. Time to be in touch with ourselves – and our maker, if that agrees – yes, moments of quiet where we can regain composure.

When you have taken practical steps mentioned, you can start changing your self-image by monitoring and feeding your inner dialogue each day. You may like to do these together and make up for lost time. With these things addressed, you can experience a better self-image and an improved outlook on life. 

Whatever, I wish you well.

The above advice when practiced, makes for happy mood levels.

More About Contentment

28th December 2019

Did you read my post Treasures In Contentment?

Most people dodge the thought of Contentment because they prefer to think of Happiness.

So many of us wait for something REALLY GOOD to make us happy

and are disappointed it's taking so long to come our way -

you know, something big or exciting?


(when you're not avoiding it)



Consider This:

Remembering my niece's words just now, Contentment with the Enjoyment factor,

brings us peace of mind in daily life and tangible happiness, rather than continually

reaching for things we don't have or are beyond our reach.

Not everything is right for us or suited for us that we aspire to or fret for sometimes -

we need wisdom to know the difference - we can invite our Maker to help us make

the right decisions in life too. That makes for a happier disposition.

It all hinges on CHOICE - Our Creator has given us the Power of Choice - on this Earth

in which we live - it can work for us and also against us. Yes, we need to be truly wise.

This can pay dividends and make for more Contentment and Happiness.

Wise Choices make for peace of mind. This way we can find more Enjoyment in life.

Possessions don't multiply but Moments Can!

How many good moments do you want to experience this week?

It works on the principle of building - it really does.

Let's do it today.

There are three ways we can do this:

1.) We should think about all the good things we can - dismissing the not so good.

2.) We can think about one good thing we like or love and focus on that.

3.) We can try something different that is within our reach.

It's good to actually Do Something (physically) - this engages our thoughts

in a good way - many of us think too much......that never brings us peace or happiness

because for most of us, there tends to be disturbing content - a negative bios that pulls us

down like gravity - we need to lessen such times and Enjoy more Good Moments.

They don't have to be 'Exciting' just Good - keep building those.

You can do this, it is within your reach. I proved this myself during a really hard

time in my life - I witnessed the difference between when I let myself think about what 

was happening at that time and when I let myself Enjoy something I liked that previously

brought me pleasure.

The Power of Choice - Use it to your advantage!

Peace to all reading this - Have a Good Day or Evening.

"Most of us Forget to Celebrate the Little Things. Why don't we Celebrate Them

between (the big things) those Little Things that Make Up Life?"

Sheree Hanrahan

My friend is very wise!

TAGS: Peace And Contentment, Wise Choices, Within Our Reach, Tangible Happiness, You Can Do This!

Blessings of Laughter

5th January 2020

Taken from a Special Feature Page on my natural health website concerning ALL the Benefits of Laughter -

I call this phenomena revealed by Heart Specialists, Neuroscientists, Psychologists and Various Physicians (collectively) the CHEMISTRY OF LAUGHTER. I've gleaned the following Information from various sources of research.

LAUGHTER IS GOOD for your MORALE and also your IMMUNE SYSTEM.........It Releases Endorphins in your body that are "Feel Good Chemicals" It can be a sure weapon against stress and if practiced regularly - as part of your Lifestyle - it can help to prevent and sometimes relieve Stress Related conditions.

Laughter Clears your Emotions and helps to Sharpen your Mental Faculties. Laughter is fun and it’s good for you. It makes others feel good. It provides physical, emotional, and psychological benefits.

Scientific Research reveals that LAUGHTER strengthens our cardiovascular functions; reduces stress hormones; improves circulation_ benefiting those with high blood pressure; has a boosting effect on the function of immune cells; releases Endorphins_ a feel good chemical that sometimes helps to lower pain levels; it oxygenates our body via the respiratory system_ this is very good for us; it also enhances our bio-chemistry!

Laughter benefits our brain in quite unique ways. Also improves alertness, creativity and memory! Not to mention, it gives your muscle flexes a good work out. Some people who develop a lifestyle of laughter have found an improvement in metabolism.

Who would have thought of it, that laughter could benefit us in so many ways....hey?

A good laugh, hearty laugh, hilarious laugh, outrageous laughter, trickles of laughter, smiles and laughter, bubbly laughter! Employ them ALL....why not?

It's good to engage in things that make us look at the funny side of life if we can.....have a laugh at ourselves rather than to take things too seriously. there are even laughter clinics available in some countries.

Laughter relaxes our whole body...and effects from it can last up to 45 minutes!

Laughter is a natural stress buster better than medications and good for your brain! Adopt it as part of an Anti-Stress Lifestyle in addition to some good healthy exercise.....see it makes a difference!



I found these Words on a Website once:

"As laughter, humor, and play become an integrated part of your life, your creativity will flourish and new discoveries for playing with friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and loved ones will occur to you daily. Humor takes you to a higher place where you can view the world from a more relaxed, positive, creative, joyful, and balanced perspective.Surround yourself with reminders to lighten up. Keep a toy on your desk or in your car. Put up a funny poster in your office. Choose a computer screensaver that makes you laugh." 

Frame photos of you and your family or friends having fun. Laughter is a natural part of my lifestyle in recent years and I can vouch for it's merits! Some Anti-stress toys, fun ornaments, pictures and posters would be great for the above mentioned. My mother actually has an irresistible painting of a clown on her bedroom wall that makes her laugh and it does work!

Why not invest today?

Someone said "Who makes you laugh? Who do you make laugh?

It’s like sharing vitamins"

Laughter operates on at least three different levels. They are the biophysical, the biochemical, and the bio-energetic levels.

When we laugh, beneficial changes occur in our brain and our body.

Given the body-mind connection, the very act of laughter has, it can bring about changes in body chemistry to our advantage.

A daily practice of laughter can improve one's perspective on life, self-esteem

and coping skills.

Even the skin can benefit from regular laughter because the capillaries become filled with blood which then feeds the skin with an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Laughter is a natural relaxant, releasing unhealthy attitudes, muscle stress and tension.

It also releases endorphins that are natural mood lifters.

Laughter benefits our brain in quite unique ways. Also improves alertness, creativity and memory__ not to mention, it gives your muscle flexes a good work out.

Some people who develop a lifestyle of laughter have found an improvement in metabolism.

"Laughter is a simple exercise that brings you relaxation" JV

"Laughter displaces negative energy with positive energy" JV

"Laughter brings Sunshine time after time and often brings your thoughts into line" JV

"Laughter is Anti-Aging, seek ways of's better than a frown!" JV


Laughter can be a great way of exercising many of the muscles of the body. Research

shows it's possible for almost all our muscles to be activated during laughter.

Laughing instantly reduces the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol that puts

on weight and adrenaline that should not be over-spent (as it can lead to fatigue)

Having a good laugh prior to sleep can lessen stress and anxiety and facilitate deep

restful sleep.

Laughter also provides a mild aerobic workout that energizes you during the day and helps you to sleep better at night. You can top these aerobic benefits up with Deep Breathing (abdominal).

Both Laughter and Deep Breathing also benefit our metabolism because of the extra oxygen.

Laughter can provide a pleasant distraction from things that cause stress,

anxiety and anger.

Laughter relaxes our whole body...and effects from it can last up to 45 minutes!

Even if you don’t feel happy at the moment, just the physical act of laughing increases serotonin and dopamine levels, that are happy-chemicals in our brain.

It also benefits your circulation.

Laughter is a natural stress buster, better than medications and good for your brain! Adopt it as part of an Anti-Stress Lifestyle in addition to some good healthy exercise.....

see it makes a difference!


Sunny Disposition

Focus on things glad instead of sad.

This will help you immensely

don't think so intensely!


Healthy Interests - Lost For Ideas?

6th January 2020

Today, I feel aware there are many people out there who do not know what to do with their time to be happier and contented in life. You are not alone, I was there some years ago and I'd like to share some things with you in this post that should help you considerably. Let your slogan be:


Not that a New Year in itself can do that but I believe that New Years and New Seasons were given to us by our Creator to lift our sights and refresh our outlook, so on a continual basis, we could leave The Old behind us

(the memories, the discontents) and press into The New - whatever that means for each person. The thing is, not everyone knows what that Can Be........and that is A Discovery we need to make.......and I want to help you

with that.

Some years ago, when I was having an extended break from Natural Health Research, I felt quite bleak because that had been a passion for me and I felt lost for something to do.

One day I was sitting in my lounge-room and it occurred to me "even though I've not been brought up with Sports or Crafts, I think I will see if there's some new Craft I could be interested in" I contacted a group by phone and the day was set to go and have a look.

The day came. They had lots of activities there and when I walked into the room with someone, the very first glance I had at a table on my right when entering this room, really interested me - I immediately knew that's what I would like to do. "Craft Cards, Wow! That's for Me!" They looked so interesting. They offered me a place and I ventured what became my interest for several years. In fact, it became a passion.

Each one of those women had a little collection of things to make their Cards with and I went to buy some that week. That was half the fun, deciding what I would like to work with and building up quite a collection over the coming weeks and months:)

Those were years prior to making Websites, and that became a new interest - one of those was an eCard Website that kept me very busy - another form of Cards, shall we say?

Now after making Websites since 2010 I have decided to take up Craft Cards again - a further step in maintaining a Balance with my commitments to Websites. Otherwise, I can be living living mostly for others, while forgetting to enjoy certain things and leaving aside things I have been intending to do for sometime in my garden and kitchen etc

Can anyone relate with that? Believe it or not, most people would have plenty of time to engage in interests or even family, if they spent far less time watching TV (television). I will speak for my Dad here because he was a pioneer in TV Sales and Service in the 60s (he commenced in 1958). I will let you know what he said to me and why he retired early when he he intended to continue his work pass retirement age (he was exceptionally good at it and everyone liked him). He Said to me, during service calls, he noticed a difference in families he had sold 

TVs to - they had lost the closeness they had, the way he could see them relating as a family when he first made calls on them. He liked the way they interacted and then they became kind of estranged to each-other.

Friends, how much more is that true of Families Today? Even the Single Person makes their life emptier that way often because the TV can become a replacement for company whereby they don't mix much with company. 

Research I did 4-5 years ago reveals to me,  not only does extended hours of watching TV numb our brains with the gazing at constant stimuli coming from the Screen and barrage of sound effects and words........ the constant use of Cell-Phones through out the day and evening - not to mention laptops and media - is actually Changing the Way we Think and Communicate. Has anyone noticed that?

If not with yourself, with others around you maybe? 

Seriously, it is inevitable that most people get addicted to some extent in some way, if they spend too much time with TECH. You could rightly call it The Excessive Control and Harassment of modern day living.

And we need to be SMART - we really do! Sensibility Matters for the ART of Living. Most of us need to

take a look at Living Life instead of coasting along or "everything rush, rush!" 

In all honestly, that's where it's at for most of us, isn't it? because the initiative of making Smart Decisions that make for a Good or Better Life has be hijacked - so to speak - by TECH, MEDIA and the PACE of Modern Day Dictatorship (How you should live your lives). The Commercials and Voices over TV are saying "Do This, Do That......You Should This, You Should That......You Don't Have This, You Don't Have That"

The Spirit of The World, shall we call it? Is like a Big piece of machinery, influencing and governing

much or most of what we buy, decide, how we think......and it's no joke, if you think about it......

a little observation pretty much confirms that. If we really stop to think about it.

A Good Experiment Would Be To Stop Watching TV for 5-7 days and Cut Down Our Use of Laptops

(Computers) and Cell-Phones (Mobiles) As Well and See what Difference It Makes.

You can also gauge the amount of addiction you have to these "Conveniences" and add up the 

amount of time you saved OR could save for a More Satisfying Lifestyle, without so much use

of them, hey? 

It's amazing and it's good for the Busy Person to discover how much extra time they have, they did

not know they have (when better spent in the evenings, whatever) and some motivation for the

 Inactive Person to find replacements for lost time and improve their health at the same time.

Truly, both groups of people will be much Happier and Healthier with a change in Lifestyle.

And I am not "Exempt".........since making Websites, I have discovered this twice now.

Shall I be honest? Spending so much time that it takes to make multi-page websites, it is inevitable

that sooner or later, you're going to become addicted to some extent to the Computer you Work At.

Well, it happened to me! At one point of time, I sensed that my communications with loved ones

had changed somewhat......I was spending less time with them and did not express the amount of interest

I previously had with them. I was used to giving them undivided attention and expressing happiness when they came to spend time with me. I would be out to the front door in a flash.

Does that sound familiar to some of you? It does to some, I'm sure. Because do you know why?

I came to a consciousness that so much Activity over my Computer was changing the way I Tick

when it came to Communications and other things. Yes it's true, I found out when I decided to research this

I  actually discovered what is a Passion for me (making inspirational websites) was an Addiction

as well, just like I suspected. Sad to say, I did not recognise things were on the way to that

change in Communications until it became noticeable to me when it had developed for a while.


To be continued Soon!

Who Should I Listen To?

8th January 2020

Good Health – Bringing back the Balance – Way out of Confusion

Have You Encountered Conflicting Health Arguments?

A Post from my Professional Health Website.

When you're interested in good health and start searching the Net, you are sure

to come across a considerable amount of conflicting content sooner or later.

To make this area of information even more user friendly, we find YouTube videos

in addition to written Info. Some videos give good constructive advice.

Among these are wonderful pioneers who have made remarkable discoveries to benefit mankind. However, there's a lot of "professionals" with diplomas after their names who have nothing better to do than confuse the innocent public with hot mono-debates (they run the whole show) telling you not to have this and not to have that - someone else told you to have! Yes, they bicker and squabble about things like religious people as to what religion you should join.

With some, the motivation is 'power-hungry' .....with some, it's 'money' of-course and with others, it's pure 'religion' (they want to make sure you have things right but they are not always right). In bible times, there were two classes of very religious people: Pharisees and Sadducees. Some Christians have a saying

about them that goes like this: "when it comes to truly knowing God, the Pharisees were far-u-see and the Sadducees were sad-u-see" (they were also extremists). So if you encounter some 'professional' on the Net who presents to you a school of thought that sounds extreme, maybe it is!

The more you listen to them the more persuasive they get - like multi level marketers (MLM) and before you know it, you're buying into someone's argument OR you'e put off altogether__ "this natural health is too hard, I've had enough!"

While I have encouraged people to learn for themselves through the years - not to just take my word for something and act on it, I have provided this website that is based on 30 Years of Independent Natural Health Research and recent research, for those who take an interest in Natural Health and also for those who are new to things and maybe a little confused by different marketing ploys out there: the Food Manufacturers and Medical Profession.