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Janet's Free WebCards

I am happy to introduce these to you in the Sub-Page of this Menu!

I commenced the WebCards 6 Yrs ago with the gracious assistance

of my very good friend Allan Lowery who set up the Program for me

to furnish with lots of Goodies for You.

There are 900+ really nice Photos and Pictures, lots of friendly Emoticons

and Blinkies and unique Stamps....some of these are animated.

There are also Poems and Inspirations in a drop-down menu:

Don't Know What To Say? Try Suggested Messages

There are beautiful Background Colors for your WebCards

and Lots of very pleasant Music in a drop-down menu

including some instrumentals with bird songs or rippling water

in the background - really lovely.

There is also a Christian Category of Cards available 

for those who wish with a different selection of Music and Songs

in that Category.

Sending WebCards is great. So many limit this to Special Occasions.

I love the concept of WebCards in preference to Social Media.

You can make an occasion for a family member or friend

by sending a nice digital Card their way.

In Janets WebCards, there are greetings and inspirations and 

encouraging words to inspire or lift someone's day. 

Yes you can make a difference anytime on any day

Don't wait for Birthdays, Mothers Day and New Year 

to show your friends they're special. Hey?

"Apathy in communications seems to reign these days -

Joy comes in the effort!"



You are welcome to send WebCards for FREE as a Guest

as often as you like. 

The Membership Login is not working for some reason.

PS Note: Oh and, you can send a WebCard to 1-3 recipients

with this Program. How good is that? All Free!

On the Feedback Page, you can let us know about your experience.

Would love to hear from you.

What My Readers Are Saying

I really love the banner photos on this website and the bright and colorful pages of  WebCards with encouraging content. And I love the emoticons, all of them!

Saskaya from Jamaica

Hi Janet,  just love your eCard program, I think it is really great with all the emoticons and music we can select from. I have been to some fancy sites for eCards but don't enjoy the music as much as yours. Thank you.

Beckie from Australia

   Some people are so busy, they don't even send eCards but we have always liked them. Our friends love to receive them too. They say it makes their day - yes why limit cards to birthdays and new year?     You have a good selection!

Melissa from Canada

Thank you for making these available Janet. So much of your time is spoken for with different websites to run, yet you make lots of cards available for us too. So kind of you!

Sally from USA

We appreciate your efforts to spread spread well wishes and happiness to people Janet. We have felt it necessary to stop Social Media for the girls because of Cyber Bullying. This would be perfect for them to enjoy. Thank you.

Cameron and Nancy from USA

I love the pretty background colors you have and they don't look busy and crowded like some eCard websites I've been to.

The emoticons are delightful and we saw the blinkies as well.

Vicki  from Australia

We've given up social media now and opted for real ways of relating. The other was getting too dominant and consuming our time. Who doesn't like receiving a card? It has a nice element of surprise - especially when it isn't your birthday!

Ann and Mark from Australia

At last! Some family friendly websites we can go to with pleasing content including your eCard program. There is no offensive content here and we have been happy to pass them on to our friends and teens. They love them!

Beth & Ian from USA

Keep the Comments coming. It's always Nice to Share!

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