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Blinkie Tutorial by Jewels 2003 ©

Any likeness to all the other blinkie tuts is happenstance.

This is the way I have found easiest for me to do the blinkies.

This tutorial is done in Paint Shop Pro V.8

Right click on my blinkie template and save to your own computer

(you are free to keep it and use it as you like.)

Now open the blinkie template in your psp program.

Make a duplicate of it. NEVER work with the original version of

anything. Always work on the 'copy'

1st I will show you how to change the colors of the blinkie --

incase you don't like mine. And so that you can make lots of your

own blinkies

1st off you'll definitly need to magnify the blinkie

use the zoom tool for that.

I zoom in by 6 times or more. *lol*


1. with the 'magic wand' click anyplace on the border in between the white dots.

2. now click on your flood fill tool (paint can) select any color

in your color palette you want.

And left click(that's the foreground color)

or right click (that's the background color) the paint can inside

the 'marching ants' (selection dots)

*lol* Wahlah! you have a new border color!

3. at the top of the psp toolbar select: "selections/select none"


1. click on your magic wand again. And click it inside the big box area.

2. select a color you want for that area

3. click the paintcan in that area now.

4. selection/select none.

Alrighty, now lets quickly change the dots to an alternating color.

we have white, and we need another color that will show well with

the border background color.

I've used a brownish reddish color #C4364E

1. now-we will use the color replacer tool. Because it is faster!

Other wise it would take longer to re-color with paintbrush or spraygun

because each dot is made up of 2dots 1pixel in length....

We will do it the fast way with just 1 swipe though:) click on the 'dropper tool' and 'right' click on a white dot.

(This will set your background color.)

Now we need to set our foreground color which will be the 'new' color.

so choose a color to use for the foreground.

3. now click on your 'color replacer tool' and set the size

to at least a 3--depending on how much you have zoomed in.

You want the tool to cover the whole dot.

But not the next one to it.

4. now start in the upper right hand corner.

click the color replacer tool with a left click on the 1st dot

(on the down side-not the upper left side)

5. click the tool on the dot once. do this for every other dot.

if you like the color replacer tool method--it can also be

used to replace the background and border colors -- instead

of the paintcan....

now you can click on the text tool.

and then add a layer(layers/add/new raster layer)

then add whatever text you like.

okay now we're done with that part.

Make sure your blinkie layers are merged 'layers/merge/visible'

now save it myblinkie1.gif

you can give it whatever name you like.

make sure to save it in .gif format.

and I always put a 1 after the 1st one

and a 2 after the 2nd one.

now make a copy of the blinkie--'window/duplicate' or shift D

scoot the other one out of the way--so not

to get it confused with this one. *lol*

now we are just going to reverse the color of the dots.

That's what makes it look like they are traveling around the border.

1. click on your dropper tool again.

2. now--since the brown was my foreground color,

i now want to make it my background color--so

I right click with dropper on the brown.

and I left click with the dropper on the white--making the white now my foreground color.

3. I use the 'airbrush tool' instead of the paintbrush.

but it doesn't matter which one you choose.

4. left click on the 1st red dot with your airbrush or paintbrush.

It's 2 pixels side by side,

so you have set your tool to size 1

and color two dots side by side

5. then move on to the next blinkie dot and you

will right click your paintbrush to color it red.

And just keep going like that.

back and forth with your left click and right click colors

and you will only have to go around the blinkie once.

6. layers/merge/visible

7. save myblinkie2.gif

Open animation shop. file/jasc software products/animation shop

With animation shop now open--click on the 1st picture icon you see

under the word 'file' -- that is the animation wizard you will use each

time you want to animate something.

Click next

check 'transparent' set your color to white -click next

check 'upper left corner of the frame' and click next

check'repeat animation indefinitely'

and leave animation speed at 10 and click next

click 'add image' browse to where you stored your blinkies

add both of your blinkies

click next/click finish

click at the top of the page- 'view/animation'

If you didn't make any mistakes and like your work

click file/save as/my_blinkie.gif

I always put an underscore inbetween

to signal to me that's the finished image. *lol*

Click next, next, finish through the animation optimizer.

And you are finished!!! WoooHooo!!! You Did IT!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my blinkie tutorial.

If you like it, and would like to put a link to this

tutorial feel free.

I wrote this tutorial on Friday the 19th day of September 2003

Do not copy and paste it into a forum or webpage

e-mail, groups, message boards, claiming it as your own.

Julie S. Jenks 2003 ©

I think Julie is a fabulous coach and I respect this as her work, not mine.

I found this tutorial on what seems to be someone's abandoned webpage.

Let's be thankful for her kindness because some Blinkie tutorials are really complex

plus we can do this with Paintshop Pro 8 which is much cheaper than Photoshop CSR.

This program is by Corel - they are like a cheaper version of Photoshop, similar.

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