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My Feedback Page

Hi there, it has been fun and lots of work placing all the content on this website for you. 

I commenced it 3 Years ago and there's more to come! 

I love to place happy and healthy, peaceful and inspiring and creative pages on the Net 

for people to ENJOY.

Welcome to this Page and I hope you participate. Cheers!

What My Readers Are Saying

I like the way all your pictures have either a calming or joyful feel. And colorful too. I love coming to this website!
Teresa from Jamaica

I like the feel of this website - it makes me feel peaceful and lifts my mood. I'm finding lots of great recipes and really good health tips. Thank you Janet.
 Jody from Australia

We notice that you have some great YouTube and Pinterest content here. How did you find all those gorgeous little birds and animals in the Creation menu and Simply for Leisure?
Melony and  David from USA

I really love the banner photos on this website and the bright and colorful pages of eCards with encouraging content..... I love the emoticons, all of them!
Saskaya from Jamaica

I find this website calming, soothing and relaxing. It kind of gives you a feeling of a getaway - focusing on things that make you

feel good - I really like it!

Ashekia from Jamaica

Janet, we love your first 2 and last 2 subpages of Tasty Recipes! They're really great, I've not seen anything like them before. I'm ready to stock up on ingredients today - have a few recipes in mind. How did you find so many? Oh Yum!
Kimberly and Family USA

What a Surprise! This is well put together. I like the content here - trees and all - I like the way I feel when I read it. Absolutely.

I like what I read on your home page. It's Nice!

ELLEN  from  USA

You have a lot of things happening here. I like the presentation and colors and light in this website. I will be sharing this with my family and friends. Keep up the good work!

  Nataskie  from Jamaica

I love the visuals on this website, the Saying Carousels and Site Map. You have so many interesting things here. I like all your websites!

Frederick from Jamaica

I like the wonderful mixture of inspirational images in Beauty of Creation and Nature/Leisure Videos.

It gives an uplifting feeling while browsing through the content!

Tudeian from Jamaica

I like this website, it bring such peace and calm in my spirit, beautiful. It gives me an uplifting spirit.

Karen from Jamaica


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