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Nostalgia and Longevity Poems

Many Of Us Baby Boomers Like A Little Nostalgia Sometimes Aye? And Even Some Young Women

  Show An Interest These Days.  You Will Also Find A  Fanciful Longevity Poem Here, I Made Up For Fun

                                             8 Years Ago When I Commenced Writing Poems. ENJOY!                                                        

Carefree Days of my Youth

I like to reminisce

On those glorious days of my youth

A day never missed

I knew such bliss

Hours spent without care

were like fresh air

When the weather was fine

I spent my time

In adventure happy and free.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Friends Reflections

Valiant by the sea

when we ran young and free

Yes, in youth adorned

we would rise with the dawn

Yes, valiant we would be.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Recipe for Longevity

A year of quality sleep

to give myself that treat

To have a nourishing diet

and be eager to apply it

I'll have some healthy exercise

and try some new clothes out for size

Colors that will give me a lift

to suit me with a flattering fit

Remembering to be gracious

and refrain from being anxious

Mindful to have my rest

in Your Presence I am blessed

These are the things that I will do

to love myself like You want me to.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Hi, Baby Boomers!

I think I will go out for a walk in the Park

"Life be in it"__ I'll play my part

Life is not meant just for work

and endless chores that seem to lurk.

I'd like some refreshment

and less relentment

At the end of the day__

yes, that is the way

I'll go out to the beach

that would be a treat__

to walk by those shores

who could ask for more?

The Conquest of Time

that would be fine

There's things to ENJOY

I will start TODAY!

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Fanciful Longevity

I'd be blessed if life were like this

such fantasy a reality__

That each year I would grow 5 years younger

These bonds of age to break asunder

My strength renewed to spring to my feet

To rest at night in perfect sleep__

to me these things would be a treat.

To plan my days and change my ways

Yes, I would be truly in bliss

if life were just like this.

Janet Vargas © April 2012


Her smile can light up a room

Her presence is of grace

Her opinions are heard without one word

but by the look upon her face

Her touch is so gentle

Her heart as big as the moon

Her spirit is kindhearted

and warm as a summer's afternoon

Her hair a river of gray

Her eyes radiant as the sun

Her time she'll take no matter how long

until the work is done

Her kisses are so soft

Her hugs preferred from the rest

My granny is mine forever and ever

and she'll always be the best.

Demecia Dean ©


Grandma, you were so sweet;

Like honey from a bee.

You always told me stories

As I sat there on your knee.

You always made me giggle

When I saw your smiling face.

You made my world such a special,

Happy, friendly place.

    Megan Field ©

My Grandad

I can go to my Grandad who has weathered the storms

I can go to him who prefers normal to “the norm”

He always has wise words for me

and sometimes a different view of reality.

He may see it as growing pains

and tell me there is something to be gained.

He assures me sometimes that all is not lost

it’s just like the chill of the night or morning frost.

For then comes the sunshine with it’s warmth

so I should not feel upset or forlorn

Life has different seasons, don’t feel torn.

Look to the better moments in life

It lessons the feelings of hardship and strife.

Especially when we look to our Creator God

while walking on this earthly sod.

Yes he has words of wisdom for me

a nicer view of realities.

I can see the sparkle in his eyes

when he has for me a nice surprise.

I love my Grandad, he’s my friend

he’s never too busy, some time to lend.

Janet Vargas © 2019

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