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Enjoy Crafts!

Hi there, I'm letting you know what's Coming over the next few weeks in 2020.

I'm renewing my interest in Craft Cards this year that was a passion I had

prior to making Websites and it occurred to me that some of my Readers may feel

lost for ideas what to do Offline when everyone seems to be "busy busy" these days

(like family and friends often). Whatever.

I was lost for ideas years ago when I had an extended break from Natural Health Research.

It occurred to me one day, that even though I wasn't brought up with Sports or Crafts,

I could see if there was some type of new craft that would interest me.

Immediately, I was attracted to Craft Cards when entering a room full of different Crafts!

You could discover a New Interest in the Sub-Pages of this Menu

at the top of your screen. And for sure, you will find something Interesting and New.

If you Enjoy one of these Arts or Crafts, I will have Lots of Videos on in these Pages

and some Website Links for you.

That would be Great! Hey?

After Ideas For Crafts OR An Extra Art/Craft?

Some Videos I've Been Watching Ready For This Are Unique - You Will Find!

Different Arts & Crafts that come to mind are:

Painting with Water Colors, Pastels, Oils and Acrylics. China Painting, Glass Painting, Fabric Painting.

Ceramics, Glass Fusing, Making Cabochons (glass and polymer clay) Jewelry Making, Beading.

Food Carving, Soap Making, Decoupage, Embroidery, Applique, Quilting & Patchwork.

Marbling Paint, Mosaic, Lead Lighting (stained glass) Wood Carving.

And of-course, Various different kinds of Craft Cards.

Some of these will Soon be featured on Sub-Pages of the ENJOY CRAFTS Menu.

If you do a lot of Social Media and are pretty bored between times OR addicted and clueless what could take it's place, if you're Online much of the time, finding other people who seem to "have a life" and feel you're missing out........

These Videos Will Give You Lots Of Ideas How YOU TOO Can Enjoy Life More!!!

I could have called this Menu DISCOVER because that's what it's ALL ABOUT.


In the hopes of reaching the moon we fail to see the flowers that blossom at our feet.

  Find Encouragements, Inspirations & Motivations Here Above.

I Will Also Include Some Comments From Visitors To ENJOY CRAFTS

how they like the Videos etc in these Sub-Pages.

Testimonies Welcome Also!

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