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Happiness for Today

Happiness is not lived tomorrow

it can only be lived today.

Don't try to catch it

from a day that's not here yet

life can only be lived today.

Strength is for each single day

time is not yours to borrow

you are given a measure each day.

So live it your best

believe for the rest

to be in His Hands lest you fret.

Janet Vargas ©

Living with Jesus

I don’t have religion, I have joy

all Your praises to employ.

I thank you Jesus for giving me

a better life and liberty.

You saw my quest for happiness

then Your Love was manifest.

You gave me Life and You gave me Joy

I would not spoil it for anything.

Why should I want to add to You

where would I find

and what would I choose?

All the blessings I’ve found with You

in You I find my Everything.

You’re my contentment

You are my PEACE

You’ve given to me sweet release

from the stresses of life

and this world of strife.

In You I find Perfect Peace.

I look to You in all my needs

I know You provide

and I’m at ease.

If there is something I’ve learnt from You

I’ve only to come, I can count on You.

If there is a tempest

You’re at the helm

of the ship that I’m on

in this earthly realm.

You guide me to safety

You steer a straight course.

I live in Your Triumphs

You make me FREE.

You’re my satisfaction

and liberty

why would I trade this for anything?

Worldly bondage? religious laws?

You’ve guided me surely to New Shores.

It’s Nice to be Free...

Freedom to be just what I am

You have for me such perfect plans

of things that suit me

and make me to be

confident and free to express.

Truly I would not settle for less

than Jesus very best.


You give me freedom to change

and to see a vision for change.

Things that hinder I’d not want to linger

so I can adapt to new things.

Sometimes new talents are waiting for me

waiting for my discovery.

Janet Vargas ©  

Perfect Liberty

I wanted to keep my feet on the ground

now my feet are on higher ground.

You gave me a sense of direction and more

my sense of worth You fully restored.

When I was a child I had faith to leap

without thought or care of my balance to keep.

When I was young I’d set out for adventure

now I seek once more to venture.

You gave to me the power of CHOICE

now in these things my soul does REJOICE.

You’ve given to me a platform for life

Joy, Peace and Love

that come from above.

Your victories triumphant are mine to apply

to life situations, I do more than get by.

You gave to me such liberty

now, with such blessing I am free.

Janet Vargas ©

You’ve Won Me Jesus

There’s no more confusion

I have Your Words

The most precious words I have ever heard.

Free from religion they’re words of LIFE

backed up by Your Life and sacrifice.

You went there with Joy that was before You

You endured the shame my soul to reclaim.

When I opened my heart and let You in

You filled me completely to the brim.

You’ve won me Jesus, You’ve won me twice

on the Cross my Salvation

and my heart fully lies

in Your embrace

a sweet solace

since my heart is in yours a perfect place.

To live on this Earth

that I’m in from my birth

I’ve left bondage completely

I’m found in YOU.

Janet Vargas ©

Find True Freedom

Are you fretting and feeling blue

thoughts about God and others out of tune?

I can advise you about a few things

awareness of them, freedom may bring.

Try not to self-indulge:

it can give way to doubts and lies...

the opposite to God's Love and Light.

It's the breeding ground of our enemies

to hinder those things that keep us free.

Try not to dwell on the past

this can bring you Joy and Peace that lasts.

If you center your thoughts on Jesus every day

and seek to bless others, the excellent way.

As long as you dwell on the past and rake things up

you cannot rejoice with Jesus, feast and sup.

Your mind cannot be in two places at once

consider this and the Victories' won.

If you put into practice His Words of Life

it will lesson turmoil and inner strife.

When you're thinking outward instead of inward

this will give you clearer vision.

Think of all things beautiful and nice

in your spare moments, it will make your heart light.

Remember you're precious in God's sight

your expectations will be bright.

Faith can work it's way into your day

if you keep praising Jesus, this is the way.

Janet Vargas ©

Words of Wisdom

One cannot live another’s life

choose their interests or make their decisions

carry their problems or determine their outcome.

Each person has the power of choice

interests of theirs are different to ours.

Decisions? They know what’s right for them

we can pick them up and sometimes not.

In this rest that God knows our future.

Remember these things sometimes with your children

they’re on loan to us and make their way.

Provide for them a nice environment

and be the best friend you can.

Janet Vargas ©

The Process of Faith

The main thing about Faith is to be decided and resolute.

You know what you want and what God wants.

Healing is the children’s bread, said Jesus.

It’s activated trust that takes oneness of heart and mind.

Yes a singleness of heart and mind with your eyes focused on Him.

During this process, feelings may flutter a little.

That’s alright because we have this treasure in earthen vessels.

So we can dismiss any doubts and continue to trust Him for the miracle.

He is already decided and when we are decided,

that is being in agreement with Him –

that’s all that’s needed.

Just worship Him – healings often come

when we are lost in worship.

Faith is oneness of heart and mind

and so is worship.

Janet Vargas ©

Feelings and Faith

Feelings, they come and go

they’re so fickle you know?

You can’t put your trust in them...

they’re sometimes your enemies

sometimes your friend.

I would rather put my trust in Faith

from early to late.

Yes, from the break of dawn to the evening tide

I know that Jesus is ever by my side.

Faith directs me to His Word

the very best I ever heard.

Promises there beyond compare.

My trust is in Him, He makes me to Win.

I praise Him for the Victory

and this I will See!

Janet Vargas ©

Dear Jesus

Life is not for reflecting on things upsetting

and always thinking I want to be getting.

Help me to keep my focus on You

life is not for feeling blue.

Help me to choose what is right

beneficial and pleasing in Your sight.

Blessed Jesus, pave my way

to brighter and better days.

You did not say this life would be easy

but that I can always come to You freely.

Of Your blessings there's more and more

until I reach those Heavenly shores.

Teach me at all times, to be truly wise

not to settle for doubts and lies.

When things get hard

to keep praising You is what I must.

Teach me to bring my thoughts into line

with Your Words that are truly divine.

You are with me from week to week

Your Presence always, I will seek.

   Janet Vargas © 

Victory Poem

Don’t take time to entertain thoughts of doubt

give them a clout.

Nip negative thoughts in the bud

in this way you can run

towards your God.

Let your feet be shod

with the Gospel of Peace

that brings comfort and release.

Gospel is Good News, that’s your Good Report

the one that brings comfort and release

so your thoughts are at ease.

Keep yielded and still to the sound of His Voice

with singleness of heart, yes this is a choice.

With God you win

over thoughts that make your light dim.

Unite your heart and worship Him.

He will cause the sun not to go down

or He will cause you to cross over on dry ground

He is not short of answers, so don’t let yourself frown.

He’s the God of Peace, His Presence seek

He’s the God of Peace, oh let your heart leap.

Sing songs of Praise, His Anthem raise.

Rejoice, Rejoice, yes lift your voice

The Ancient of Days is on your side

fill your heart with worship, in Him abide.

     Janet Vargas © 

Equip Yourself Each Day

Be equipped for each day when it starts__

Put on your happy mode when you dress;

think of the good things and you will be blessed;

a sense of humor to keep you bright;

keep your eyes on God, don't let Him out of your sight.

These days would not be easy, Jesus said

seek to be of His spirit led.

His Words will bring Strength to be there for the length.

Rest in His Presence at the end of each day

this will give you Peace along life's way.

Janet Vargas ©

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