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Encouraging Poems

When Cares Weigh You Down

Cares of this world weigh us down

It's easy to see as we look around.

The burdens of life is what we all carry

The key to success is not to get weary.

Let's not forget we're running the Race

Worries of life will soon be erased.

There is a Prize we need to remember

We will have Life Eternal Forever.

Hold on to Faith and never give up

We will have Strength by Lifting each up.

God will be Faithful to Carry the load

Trust in His Promise to take and to hold.

Denise Collier ©

Wisdom Speaks

Wisdom speaks late in the night

Dreams with vision of insight.

Telling stories in the dark

lessons she wants to impart.

God will use these to convey

It will make sense when you pray.

He has so much to reveal

Listen closely, He will unveil.

What is He sharing with you?

Seek Him first and then pursue.

He will show you when you ask

Teaching you will make Him glad.

Denise Collier ©

Our Hope Our Shelter

You are our Shelter

Our Safety to hide

A Cover for Refuge

In storms of life.

You will always be there

You will never forsake

And watching us daily

We all can embrace.

Our hope for tomorrow

in good days and bad days

We Trust You are with us

Your Praise we will raise.

You never will leave us

A Friend for all time

With Love as a Promise

We give You our lives.

Denise Collier ©

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