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Various Health Diets

There is a real need for INFO on Health Diets Now because there are Various Ones which can Benefit Us

in certain ways. And like I say: Different things benefit different people and results vary with the individual.

It is so True - One Size does Not fit All. Research has revealed these things time and time again

through 30 Years and have been evident to me.

Different Diets being beneficial - even highly beneficial - for some and not for others is somewhat confusing

to some of you because some conflict with others: foods that are allowed and others that are not allowed

and the different principles each one is based on.

While it may seem like a 'conflict of interest' presenting each one, I think it will prove to be

helpful to many of my Readers (and Visitors) in making Informed Decisions

and finding what's best for them in their Quest for Health.

Slimming will be included also but is not the central focus in this Web-Menu.

You may click on different Sub-Pages according to your interests.

I would like to wish you all well.

Coming Soon!

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