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Dealing With Toxic People

We live in a stressful world with more toxic people these days. In Western Countries like USA and Australia

for instance, many have not experienced much love and affection or even much attention from two

working parents and some have been basically ignored much of the time by parents who are more interested

in the TV material things and social life - these things have to affect children some how as they grow up.

Some of us can do with some help in dealing with some difficult family members and friends etc.

On this Page, you will find short Videos PDFs and MP3s on these matters. Peace and Happiness to you all.

   Take Care!

15 Signs of Fake Nice People Who You Need To Avoid      See This!

15 Ways Intelligent People Deal With Difficult and Toxic People

How to Deal with Rude And Toxic People

The Daily Positive

When Someone Is Belittling And Condescending

The Daily Positive

Being A Happier Person

How To Be Happy  

The Top 10 Habits of Happy People

 Amazing POWER of Waking Up Early

Some Benefits Make You Happier

Signs Of An Emotionally Unstable Person

10 Min MP3 by Brightside  HERE

6 Signs You’re Dealing With A Toxic Person

10 Min MP3 by Brightside  HERE

Mistakes That Make People Use You 

10 Min MP3 by  Brightside  HERE

5 Ways to Disarm Toxic People

Meredith’s Inner Integration

15 Minute MP3  HERE

Responding vs. Reacting 

(How to avoid the Narcissist's trap)

Meredith’s Inner Integration

!8 Minute MP3  HERE

5 Key Phrases to Disarm a Narcissist

Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach 

  Reclaim Your Control

8 Minute MP3  HERE

Helpful PDFs

It is Now Important For Everyone To Know About Narcissism And

How It Can Affect Us. Please Note That Not All Narcissists Break Into Rage.

That Is Like Saying All People With Schizophrenia Are Psychopaths.

That Simply Isn't True - We Need To Understand Some Things

And We Need To Know How To Deal With Those Who Do Rage.

Helpful PDFs

My Experience With Narcissists 

Are You a Narcissist - Checklist

Understanding the Mind of a Narcissist

How Some Narcissists Conduct Psychological Warfare

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