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Freedom From Stressful Friends

Some Friends Can Be Really Nice To Have While Others Can Make You Sad Not Glad.

I've had both - Yes Some Can Be Really Stressful. When Many Of Us Need To Be Our Best For

Family Members, It's Not A Good Thing To Have Friendships That Are A Strain.

I Am Sharing Poems That Should Benefit Some Who Can Relate - I've Said Goodbye

To The Last Of Stressful Friendships. You Can Too, Why Not?

Time To Decide My Friend

Some friendships are worth redeeming, some are not

I’m not sure which you are.

This one thing I know, I’m off to a new start

Even if friendships must part.

It’s really up to you what you choose

I’m not one for feeling blue.

Your habits have pressed me into a mold

I don’t wish to be in, it isn’t me.

Questions were always up in the air

Concerning your interest, how much you care.

For months I’ve been getting mixed messages

Your words said one thing, your actions said another.

Wishing me well, followed by unanswered texts and calls

Round in circles and then you’d call.

I feel like I’m putting more effort in

To a friendship that is slack.

You call when it suits – you spare some time

Yet seldom answer the line.

I surely would not remiss.

If you decided it’s too much to change your ways

my kindness to repay.

So now it’s up to you, I wonder what you will choose.

I remember better times we had

That made both of us glad.

If you are not wiser now

I’ve chosen this way for myself.

Friendships have certain expectations

They must be comfortable or I am lost

However I am not lost now but found.

I found my way out of the maze

In which I don’t wish to stay.

Sometimes I gave hints and made an appeal

My feelings can no-more be concealed.

I’ve found my refuge in God

From this path that I have trod.

I feel like a bird set free

to fly over land and see

no longer to be held down

by those who make me frown.

My friendship is to be valued not spent

- That causes me relent.

If you appreciate where I stand

We’ll place things in God’s hands.

If not, I think you’re not sure what you want

I’m living a different story.

Janet Vargas © March 2020

Some People

Some people can muck you around

Even if you’re the best in town

They don’t know what they want

They can affect your confidence lots

You could be the best in town

They really make you frown.

So if we’re not what they wish us to be

It isn’t you, it isn’t me.

What do You want in a friend?

To those your friendship lend.

Break free of company you’re better without

This will make you laugh and shout.

I’m free, I’m free, I feel so free

From the cloud that was over me.

Not sure sometimes if I was accepted

My joys in life this intercepted.

And that’s not fair, they just don’t care

As long as they get what they want.

I’m off to a New Day, I’ll find my way

Where I sing my songs, I have my say.

Yes life make way for me!

Janet Vargas © March 2020

Giving My Resignation

It was not your communications

but lack o them, I'm now in resignation.

I've made a decision

my thoughts no longer in derision.

Friends in future times, do be wise

I'm precious in God's Eyes.

I will no longer walk that path

I will choose Friends that last.

No longer those that make me feel sad

but only those that make me glad.

They don't have to be perfect but better and wise.

This should be no surprise

I'm of to better days!

Janet Vargas © March 2020

Some Helpful Information

Did you know some people have friends they share their good times or better times with and they keep someone on hand to share their problems with (off-loading) and reserve the times they spend with you (or make available) for that mostly? Some people are always accompanied with their problems or are occupied with such when they spend time with you. They know how to do little else. They are poor managers and expect you to manage their stress for them but are not interested in advice, they’re not satisfied unless they run you dry. Someone who speaks to you with a lot of repetition

will no-doubt subject you to Merciless-Repetition in the long-run. So unless you have limitless energy like the Sun, do not take them on because they will not be content until your mind is full of clouds (they leave you feeling bleak with the amount of negativity they share that wears you down). No-one should be desperate for such “friends”

A Good Solution For You

Opt for the Friend of Friends (JESUS) And wait for Him to bring a Good Friend your way. This is much better than a Mix-match of Interest (you want a True Friend – they want your services). And some people are not ready for a decent friendship until they sort themselves out. Sorry to offend, but it’s true. I’ve learnt these things the hard way with some.

It meant disappointments and my energy really spent.

Avoid Needs Orientated Friendships

Some friends share problems with each-other most the time or often.Their relationship lacks purpose and fulfilment.

They seldom do things together and if they do, they take their problems along. These kind of friendships are unsatisfying and unprofitable. (This can be both parties) It’s just unhealthy because it strengthens negative mindsets.

We need to change unhealthy mindsets, not make them concrete – like when someone’s circumstances seem to confirm negative expectations in life. No-one needs that, neither of you. Maybe you think you do, then somehow it goes

beyond your comfort zone – that is because a Needs Based Friendship IS Unhealthy.

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