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Beauty in Gardens and Nature Videos 

I found these Lovely Videos and thought that you

may like them. Some of these are so Picturesque, you could

not imagine - I was absolutely delighted and you will be too.

More items will be added to this Page as I discover them.

Really Beautiful

Michel Pépé - Cradle of Life

Secret Garden - Poéme

Michel Pépé - La Mer Nourricière

(relaxing music)

Springtime on the mountains
A Panoramic Celebration!

 Giovanni Marradi - Just For You

Divine Love - Michel Pépé

♡ Michel Pépé - In Paradisum

Peace to All

Mountains flowers

Have Never Seen So Many!

Romance in Nature

Elixir of Love - Reunion - Retrouvailles
Celebrating Life Itself

Magnificent Colors of Wisteria

Absolutely Exquisite Beauty!

Le Coeur des Anges - The Angels Heart

Celebrating Romance with Nature

La Danse Des Couleurs - Jean - Marc Staehle

Sweeping Views of Flowers and Ocean

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