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Dangers Of Modern Wheat

You Should Know!

Scroll down this Page

and hear the Video about the difference in

Ancient Original Wheat (Natural and Wholesome)


Modern Day Wheat that Affects our Health Poorly.

You can even get a 'Wheat Belly'

similar to a 'Beer Belly'

But that is not all - many people can't

handle GRAINS at all, much less Wheat.

They buy Quinoa Flour

and make their own bread instead.

There is a book out these days called

'The Grain Brain'

Wheat is also a common cause of Lethagy.

Too much can lead to Diabetes and Auto Immune.

Like Sugar, those baking items don't sound so good now, do they?

FACT: Most Wheat Flours and Bakery Goods

have a nasty chemical in them called Bromide

that is not only toxic to our body,

it affects our Iodine Level, and Thyroid over time,

and our Metabolism.

Please see Sub-Pages of these Menus at the top

of your Screen

Food Secrets and Back To Nature.

The Video Recipes menu will also

show you how to Bake with Ancient Grains, hey?

ALERT: The Cambridge University has recently introduced

another threat to our health, yet again. It's a SUPER WHEAT.

May I ask you "What will that do to Our Health!?"

Cutting Edge INFO - Hear This!

See also, an eye-opening experiment by someone in her kitchen with Einkorn and

Wheat Flour on the Stretchy-Gluten that is left from the Wheat-Flour! HERE

The content on this page is vital in these times. We don't easily find this kind of information. Instead, we are misinformed. I urge everyone to read. This information is Good!

Samantha from Jamaica

Don't Trust In Wheat

It Will Make You Feel Bleak.

Modern Agriculture

Plays Hide and Seek.

Like Manufacturers

You Should Seek Them Out.

Their Marketing Ploys

That Would Make You Pout.

If Only You Knew

The Lies They Conceal.

So I Checked Out Some Facts

They Will Make You Reel.

When You Find Out The Truth

Things Misconstrued.

Wheat Is Not Good For You


Go For The Einkorn

That Grows Healthy And Tall.

You Could Go For

Ancient Replacements

Like Spelt Or Quinoa.

There Are Some On This Website

I Can Show You!

See Them In The

'Back To Nature'


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