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Experiencing Jesus - Videos

I'm known as someone who is "not pushy and does not impose"

and people often say "it was refreshing speaking with you" when I

mention Jesus (naturally) and when I don't. Hopefully that's how you

think about this website and you're comfortable to come back again.

I discovered these Videos on YouTube recently of religious and anti-religious

precious people Experiencing Jesus. Something they have in common

is they established in a Bible that Jesus Lives (rather than religion).

I wish that people would experience that reality in those pages rather than a

religious exercise and they can respect the personal choice of others.

Thought I would like to share these.

Atheist Doctor Finds Jesus After Doing His Own Research!!

This is one of my very most favorite Videos. The nature transformation he experienced is truly beautiful.

   YouTube Link    HERE 

     MP3 Audio   HERE

Muslim Discovers True Peace and Identity

Jazal felt worthless and afraid in her strict Muslim household. Then she experienced her first taste of freedom.

Muslim Risks Breaking the Law to Access the Gospel

An Iranian man privately questions his Muslim beliefs, and a Christian program

on TV inspires him to find a way to read the Bible.

Sunni Muslim Doctor : met Lord Jesus ....Lovely Testimony

Former Atheist comes to faith in Jesus Christ

Former "Evangelical Atheist" shares her testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

Closing Thoughts

I don't think people have a problem with Jesus, I think they do with some things

that are mixed with Him in the lives of some Christians. At-least that was pretty much

my sentiments before I experienced Jesus - I thought you had to be all churchy and religious.

But I found He can become a reality in my spirit, His Words become meaningful to me

(this was afterwards for me) and His Presence become something I wished to keep on experiencing.

I usually have my Health Sites, Inspirational Sites, and Christian Sites all separate in respect to

people's wishes and interests. I felt that I would like to blend them a little on a New Website.

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